TUURKiSH : Imported Turkish Scarves in Malaysia (Tudung Turki)

Over the years of traveling overseas, I have been an avid collector of scarves and shawls. Among them I find that turkish scarves are unique due to the amalgamation of Islamic and European arts in its designs. Thus, I’ve founded TUURKiSH which offers imported turkish scarves in Malaysia.

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At TUURKiSH, you can own from affordable non silk scarves to exclusive pure 100% silk scarves and shawls. Besides having a great array of classy collections, TUURKiSH scarves and shawls are made of high quality Turkish produced material. These scarves and shawls can not only be adorned as a hijab or tudung turki but also as fashion accessories.

If you are looking for branded scarves from Turkey in Malaysia such as Aker, Armine, Cacharel or Pierre Cardin, look no further than TUURKiSH on Instagram @tuurkishscarves or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tuurkish.my . Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and sale!

UPDATE APRIL 2020: We’re currently shut down but some of our turkish scarves collection can be bought from http://instagram.com/kedaiturki.

Thank you for your support since 2015.