Zero to Hero Ebook by Dato’ Aliff Syukri

Zero to Hero: Rahsia Bagaimana Dato’ Aliff Syukri Bermula Bisnes Dengan Modal Kecil Sehingga Boleh Bina Empayar Yang Sangat Besar.

In recent years we have seen the rise of famous young Malay millionaires in Malaysia like Datin Vivy Yusof , Neelofa, Carl Samsudin, Dato’ Alif Syukri and the likes.

Each and every one of them surely has their own stories of success. I am a fan of biographies. So when Dato’ Aliff Syukri released an ebook about his success journey, I was curious! We all know what a controversial figure Dato’ Aliff is on social media. Of course a lot of Malaysians couldn’t accept his marketing approach but it surely is a useful case study.

Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s Ebook Price is Rising

So I decided to quickly grab one before the price hikes again. Yesterday it was only RM70 and today it has gone up to RM85 and will increase some more in the next few days.

I find that this ebook suits those who love motivational light readings because Dato’ Aliff shares secrets of keeping himself driven full throttle most of the time to build a multi-million empire.

One thing ebout ebooks is that, the language is very laid back. When you read his book, you’ll find it is as if he is talking to you telling his story. There are moments of sadness, excitement, drama and of course it is utterly funny just like how he is on social media.

There are lots of revelations about his personal life. Some of them are even shocking! It is no wonder that he has always been determined to achieve his dreams over the years.

Zero to Hero Ebook is Inspiring

The journey of his life as a true businessman resonates the the small sellers at home and markets in the Malaysian scene. It will surely inspire small timers who have no idea of what they are supposed to do, lost of direction or even at the point of giving up.

Dato’ Aliff believes that not having higher education is not a reason to not succeed because experience is actually your university. True enough, in his ebook, Dato’ Aliff shares his strategies one by one in growing his business from door to door to having his own factory and expand into various business ventures.

At the end of his ebook, there are content Bonuses which includes business tips that he himself practices till this day.

So, if you are interested in knowing Dato’ Aliff’s business strategies, better get your ebook now before the price increases further. For further details and summary of his ebook, just go to the link below and follow the next steps of getting your copy:-

The “Kalimah Allah” Issue Is Making A Fool of Malaysians

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, City Centre – The request by the publisher of the Malaysian Catholic Herald to use the word “Allah” in its weekly publications has done much collateral damage to our socio-religious harmony.

Race and religion are the two weakest points of the Malaysian society. It is the prime foundation of our country’s progress. Without social order, the nation can not be administered effectively.

This kalimah “Allah” incident is the works of a group with interests. They are  poking the bee hive with a purpose of creating chaos.

Chaos is one of the diversionary methods of destroying the enemy. Based on the Malaysian history, the eruption of ethnic chaos in this country might lead to detrimental consequences if not curbed.

It is just too shallow for the Muslims react emotionally by committing sacrilegious acts such as burning churches . We, Malaysians are supposed to be smarter than that. Before pointing fingers, we should first clear our conscience and try to read between the lines, “why is this issue being brought up now and not before?

What is really the hidden agenda to this issue? Who is the planner of the agenda? The persons or group who flared up this issue must have a plan to achieve their ulterior motive because logically anyone knows that religious matters are not meant to be played around with.

As we know, the Malaysian society is consisted of an eclectic combination of ethnic backgrounds. Each group of societies have different interests and preferences. They all have their own principles and demands to defend as citizens of Malaysia.

We may be blaming the other for not understanding our interests and norms. However, rather than  fiercely championing human rights, in this aspect we should  practice empathy and compromise. It is the only way we can ever live together without sacrificing our right to live in convenience.

Even though we have the freedom of fighting for our rights, it should not be at the expense of another’s rights. We must not exceed our boundaries and given space. Sensitive issues should be handled with wisdom or be left unperturbed.

Therefore, Malaysians, I summon us all to stop this enmity and defy the provocation for the sake of our unity! May God save us!

Sahara Tent: Jewel of the Ain Arabia

Ala H. Salih The Boss
‘Ala H. Salih, The Boss

Sahara Tent, ‘Ain ‘Arabeyya – The other day I had the best break fast treat for Ramadhaan. It has been quite a while since I have been yearning to savour juicy arabian lamb delicacy for buka puasa.

Alhamdulillah, Ala the owner of the famous Sahara Tent arabian restaurant was kind enough to host us at his exclusive eatery.

As we all ate and talked over politics and culture, ‘Ala kept cracking Arab jokes every now and then. I was the only one who laughed because the rest were too busy discussing about the office or did not even understood what his jokes were about. Luckily, I am slightly familiar with the Arab culture since I used to have uncles and cousins who graduated from the Middle east. Those days, when they came back for the holidays, they’d share cultural jokes that were a little alien to our Malay-Arab worldview. Of course, they had to explain to me the true culture of the Arabs before I could really succumb to their jokes.

I looked around and reminisced the first time I discovered the restaurant back when I was a student. It was in the year 2000 and after 9 years, the place was still around and in fact the business has prospered very well. The survival of Ala’s enterprise among the mushrooming Arabian restaurants in KL was due to the fact it had its own niche as compared to the rest of its competitors. It involves the location, concept, food quality, service and the owner himself.


The Sahara Tent is situated in Bukit Bintang which is within the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur. The area is a shopping hot spot for the Arab tourists in this country. The establishment of the Ain Arabia strip by the Ministry of Tourism was a perfect move that it had further boosted the restaurant’s popularity. With the operation of trains like the LRT and the Monorail, potential customers have the convenience of going to the Sahara Tent at any time of the day despite of heavy traffic jams.


As compared to Tarbush and al-Rawsha, Sahara Tent is built on the concept of the Arabian canopy used by the nomads or also known as bedouins (Badwi). The colorful interior design is made of bright colours red, orange, gold and also black. Typical Arabian embellishments such as tassled curtains, shisha pipes and musical instruments such as the ‘oud complements the exotic ambience of the restaurant. It definitely makes an Arab feel like home or perhaps remind them of their hometown in the middle-east.

Food and Services

Did you know that there are certain delicacies that would take hours or even half a day to prepare? ‘Ala prioritises quality in terms of taste, presentation and services. Looking at the way the staff work and respond to their boss, it indicates that good cooperation amongst them and their undivided respect for the employer also contributes to the splendid performance of the Sahara Tent as the Best Arabic Food Restaurant in 2004.

Sahara Tent GaloreThe Owner

I must say that Ala has very good PR skills. His sense of humour always works for ice-breaking measures with unfamiliar customers. From the testing questions that I asked him, I find that this Iraqi entrepreneur has planned out his life and business very well over the years. He knows what to chose, where and who to affiliate with.  Just look at the picture frames hung around the restraunt and you’ll know what I mean.

Till then, start moving and go get that succulent lamb at Sahara Tent! Walla marra lazeez. (Or in Azib’s words, hatta la tatakallam! LOL!)