Nell Attas


You must be curious about who this writer called Nell Attas is. Well, Nell Attas is my pen name. Nell or Nellie is what I am fondly called by my family and friends. Whereas Attas is derived from Al-Attas which is my mother’s family name.

Many have asked if I am directly related to great academicians like Prof. Syed Naquib or the late Prof. Syed Hussien Al-Attas. Unfortunately, I am not but I am one of the many great grandchildren of Habib Hassan bin Ahmad Al-Attas.

I come from a multicultural family background where my father is a Chindian and my mother is of Malaysian-Indonesian arab lineage. I love the fact that I have a ‘rojak’ heritage because it gives me a unique perspective about being a true Malaysian.

However, most of my life is spent with the Al-Attas and Al-Habsyi clan from Johor Bahru, Johore. I am also a blessed wife and mother of 3 cuties, alhamdulillah.

Sheer Personifications has been my writing space since 2006. In fact, I’ve been blogging since 1999 but all of the other blogging platforms have shutdown including our very own local

I have worked in different fields such as in entertainment, advertising, corporate and also had a short stint with a semi-government agency.

After 13 years working as a political aide, I have decided to quit and venture out on a new journey as a digital entrepreneur.

That’s me with my first child; Baby J. 🙂

To you my dear readers, I welcome you to my journey towards success and many more years to witness my development as I continue sharing more in future.


Nell Attas.

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