Nell Al-Attas

Nell Al-Attas is an educatee by profession and a learner by vocation.

Studied in Madrasah Al-Attas Al-Arabiah Johor

Has some formal educational background in Communication (Public Relations) & Politics and Public Administration

Worked in different fields of entertainment, advertising, corporate, semi-government and politics.

She is also the founder  of TUURKiSH.

A neophyte at writing, she expresses in quest of exploring the lacunae of the self and humanity. Her interest revolves around life that is made of the transient and the Eternal.

Nell Al-Attas is just a pen name attributed to her Yemeni family background.

She is not directly related to great academicians like Syed Naquib, Syed Hussien Ali or Syed Tawfiq Ali Al-Attas. However, she is one of the many great grandchildren of Habib Hassan bin Ahmad Al-Attas

Being brought up in a multicultural family has exposed her to various cultures and religions. Nell considers herself a true Malaysian ‘rojak’ and is totally grateful for it.

Latest update (November 2013): A blessed wife and mother of a baby girl 🙂



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