TUURKiSH : Imported Turkish Scarves in Malaysia (Tudung Turki)

Over the years of traveling overseas, I have been an avid collector of scarves and shawls. Among them I find that turkish scarves are unique due to the amalgamation of Islamic and European arts in its designs. Thus, I’ve founded TUURKiSH which offers imported turkish scarves in Malaysia.

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At TUURKiSH, you can own from affordable non silk scarves to exclusive pure 100% silk scarves and shawls. Besides having a great array of classy collections, TUURKiSH scarves and shawls are made of high quality Turkish produced material. These scarves and shawls can not only be adorned as a hijab or tudung turki but also as fashion accessories.

If you are looking for branded scarves from Turkey in Malaysia such as Aker, Armine, Cacharel or Pierre Cardin, look no further than TUURKiSH on Instagram @tuurkishscarves or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tuurkish.my . Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates and sale!

For orders, head on to http://shopee.com.my/tuurkish.

It’s Time to Go TUURKiSH

Protect Yourself From Financial Data Threats

The advancement of global informational facilitates the travel of people, goods and money within a shorter period of time. Today, financial transactions are conducted online with just a click at the end of our fingers. Flight or bus tickets can be booked on websites, clothes are ordered with online forms and payments can be made in an instant.

Spending at eateries, department stores or boutiques could be supplemented with the pre-value-laden debit card. With this type of financial facility, it saves one from worries of walking around with wads of cash in his wallet or even being burdened to pay back debts to the bank like those days when credit cards used to rule.

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Between Dunya and Akhirah

In the quest of reflecting on life from a gamut of perspectives, my mind keeps searching for its true meaning. The temporal world that we live in is characterized by imperfection where the solution of one problem would eventually trigger another. Absoluteness is not its feature.

The condition of the realm that we live in is ever mutable and annihilable (Fana) as opposed to its perfect Maker which is of Continued Existence (Baqa’). We and our environment are in constant state of change. Just like the changing condition of the earth from its deepest mantle to the terrains and its accoutrements of trees and rivers, so are all moving things that survive on its existence.

The matters of between dunya and akhirah has always been one of the main concerns playing in my mind. Ever since when I was in madrasah I pondered on how and what are the best ways of juggling our affairs in this world and the Hereafter. Once I thought the life of the tabligh would be best where one leads a very modest way of life filled with ibadah and dakwah. But some queried if it is fair for a person to abandon his responsibility to feed his family. Maintaining good relations with other people is also important besides maintaining good relations with God (hablum minallah wa hablum minannaas).

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Ethno-Religious Provocation By Politicians And The Media

Even though the government has about one more year before the deadline of holding the next General Election comes around, netizens like me could already feel the electoral heat online. Predictions on elections are announced, promises in return of victories are made, issues are reprised and political malarkey are sung in beautiful notes.

In a globalized era where the burst of transparent information permeates in the minds of a developing society, Malaysia is laden with internal and external challenges. These challenges are comprised of a constellation of wants, needs and frustrations. Citizens with common causes come together to fight for their rights and politicians (or powerful political key players) mobilize these citizens for their objectives of attaining power. Some want to gain power for themselves and some want it to change the country.

The new media has become the main tool to unite people under the same banner. It is easy to arrange political gatherings by instant updates via Facebook or Twitter. The telecommunication evolution facilitates speedier access to information with internet on mobiles. It is also easier to pit communities against each other with irrational and irresponsible posts that are racial, ideological or creed based provoking statements; the Chinese vs Malays vs Indians, Christians vs Hindus vs Muslims, Liberals vs Conservatives and so forth.

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Never-ending Islam-West Conflict

The tragic Toulouse shootings caused by a young Algerian muslim has aggravated the French public’s perception towards the muslim community and the sacred religion itself. Even though as muslims, we know that what Mohammad Merah has done was against the principles of Islam, the portrayal of the Western media does not conform with this idea. Islam is not a religion of violence but some of its embracers are. These people who give Islam a bad name, use it to justify their acts.

I remember of the troubles that I encountered at immigrations during my travels in Europe including France. There were a few times when I was randomly selected (luck or coincidence?) for a thorough inspection. Then there was once when I was forced to take off my hijab. Now that really got me on my nerves. Does being Muslim make me look like a terrorist? But then again, I sympathized the officers who were probably themselves living in a state of fear.

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Politics of Hate

I have deactivated Facebook in December 2011. After utilising the famous social network for 4 years, I decided that I should put an end to it. Why? To sum it up, I find that currently the downside of FB outweighs its benefits. When I shifted from the world of Friendster to FB, I succumbed to the numerous functions that it offered. It was more convenient and private than Friendster. Sharing pictures with cousins in JB and establishing networks with professionals were the main objectives. Over time, the uses of FB have evolutionized. Especially when more people were joining the social media.

Then there came in people who take Facebook way too seriously. The flourishing of politics of hate worsens the situation in the Facebook sphere. Every morning when I read the statuses which were either about the day people go through with or the highlighted news in the papers shared, they were filled with negative responses. Facebook has become like a trash can for people to vent their anger and frustrations.

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Food Trends Compromising Halal

While browsing around for dinner at 1 Utama Shopping mall with my husband last night, I discovered how the mall has changed so much since our matriculation days. I also noticed that just like other revamped and new budding malls in Klang Valley, non-halal eateries are mushrooming. Halal signs are rarely to be found posted. Whereas the operators are mostly foreigners which made me wonder if the food is consumable for Muslims. There are even more restaurants serving pork. The scenario was similiar to the malls in Orchard Road, Singapore.

Of course, we do understand it is a well known delicacy of our Chinese friends. Well, at least I do because my aunts and uncles are non-muslims too. My question is; Has the shopping mall management ever considered of segregating halal & non-halal eateries just like they do in supermarkets? Secondly, has JAKIM been inspecting all the food eateries at the shopping malls where Muslims are also its loyal patrons?

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