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TUURKiSH : Imported Turkish Scarves in Malaysia (Tudung Turki)

Over the years of traveling overseas, I have been an avid collector of scarves and shawls. Among them I find that turkish scarves are unique due to the amalgamation of Islamic and European arts in its designs. Thus, I’ve founded … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself From Financial Data Threats

The advancement of global informational facilitates the travel of people, goods and money within a shorter period of time. Today, financial transactions are conducted online with just a click at the end of our fingers. Flight or bus tickets can … Continue reading

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Between Dunya and Akhirah

In the quest of reflecting on life from a gamut of perspectives, my mind keeps searching for its true meaning. The temporal world that we live in is characterized by imperfection where the solution of one problem would eventually trigger … Continue reading

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Ethno-Religious Provocation By Politicians And The Media

Even though the government has about one more year before the deadline of holding the next General Election comes around, netizens like me could already feel the electoral heat online. Predictions on elections are announced, promises in return of victories … Continue reading

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Never-ending Islam-West Conflict

The tragic Toulouse shootings caused by a young Algerian muslim has aggravated the French public’s perception towards the muslim community and the sacred religion itself. Even though as muslims, we know that what Mohammad Merah has done was against the … Continue reading

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Politics of Hate

I have deactivated Facebook in December 2011. After utilising the famous social network for 4 years, I decided that I should put an end to it. Why? To sum it up, I find that currently the downside of FB outweighs … Continue reading

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