Initially when I started blogging in 2000, I found that writing is cathartic. I always felt that I needed to write somewhere because when I read, travel or ponder, it sparks me a lot of ideas.

I believe that when knowledge is shared with others, it grows and glows within ourselves. Hence, this site is a space for annotations of my thoughts.

Over the years my writing style has evolutionized depending on the phases of my life.

Today my writing interests would range from personal development, womanhood, entrepreneurship, technology, religion and society. I truly hope that my writings will inspire or benefit my dear readers especially the ladies.

Because this blog is written sincerely from one woman to another. Till then, enjoy reading! 🙂

Salaam wa jazaakumullah khayran,

Nell Attas

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Did I tell you I always read your blog ?
    Maybe I don’t . Hehe.

    keep writing sis, because someone is always waiting here to read 😉


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