The Fate of Sheer Personifications

I have abandoned this blog for way too long. I had some time perusing my old posts since 2007. It is interesting to reread what you wrote years back. It reminds yourself of who you were and what you went through at that particular time. Our existing conditions usually influence the way we narrate our stories and the ideas we lay out. Those days I can see how complex and philosophical my thoughts were.

Now? I am more focused about what can I do for my family and how I can prepare for my Hereafter life. You see, people change by the phases of their lives. Or perhaps labour has altered my brain.

Anyway, I wish to revive my writing activities in this space. None about politics at the moment. It’ll be more about sharing information, thoughts or even reviews. Sorry my dear political pundits but life goes on. Hope you’ll still find something useful anyway.

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