Motherhood Changes The Way A Woman Sees The World

Stature changes a woman’s view about the world. From the beginning of womanhood marked by puberty, marriage and becoming a mother. All these are the variegated phases of life. Age factor also influences this shift of perception. For example, the way a 21 year old first time mother thinks would differ from a 31 year old new mum.

Life is Short
I myself find that being a mother has altered the way I read my surroundings and the way I react to it. The first thing that comes to my mind is how short life is. Probably it’s because I’ve gone through that 50/50 life and death moment. As Ustaz Ebit Lew puts it, a woman dies and relives to bear a progeny for the husband. MasyaAllah! When you’ve had a glimpse of death, you know that life should be treasure and preparation for afterlife should be taken more seriously.

Empathy OverFlow
Empathic as I used to be, I find myself having more empathy for others. That every human is Allah’s Creation and must be treated with love. Yes, I’m often reminded that the other person must’ve been a child before. Hopeless and know nothing of the world, always needed to be cared. I felt pity. I suppose it’s the oxytocins at work.

Enthralled by The Creator of Man
Previously, I used to travel and be blown away by His Creations of nature. This time I had witnessed His Greatness within me through pregnancy and labour. Every month I saw how just from a heart beating nodule grew into a full fleshed child. After labour, I learnt of how sophisticated the make up of a human being is. My child grew from a helpless baby into a foodie opinionated 10 month old. There is no creation that will ever match His Khalifah.

Be The Change
I remember Jennifer Lopez mentioned in one of her interviews “Kids don’t do what you tell them to do. But they do what YOU DO”. I didn’t understand that till I had a child of my own. Parents have expectations of how their children should turn out. I learnt that children are greatly influenced by their parents and their surroundings. So if we want them to be better than us, then actually it is us who needs to improve first. So that they can imitate us to develop the best qualities.

These are only some of the thoughts that I have in mind. How about you? Has motherhood changed how your mind works? Let me know in the comments below.

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