On The Gangnam Style

The YouTube sensational song Gangnam Style by South Korean rapper PSY has sparked numerous responses internationally. The song has been a subject of discussion by people ranging from those in the entertainment and cyber industry and even the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, who also happens to be a fellow citizen of South Korea. He had proudly acknowledged that the Gangnam Style is a force for world peace! He had also admitted that he was sort of hooked to the video clip by replaying it a few times.

Well I myself had searched for the clip due trying to figure what was all the fuss about this song. Initially I found that the music itself was not something new to my ears. The catchy beat bears similarity to Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction and LMFAO’s widely known I’m sexy and I know it. So what made it more popular than its predecessors? A portion of its recipe is the hillarious video clip and the lyrical meaning of the song that had successfully propelled it into becoming a global popular culture.

As the originator of the song had explained, this song was meant to be entertaining to its listeners. PSY who is known for his comedic antiques, choreographs the cheesy moves for the song. One of the most imitable part is the awkward horse dance. Just like the beat of the song, it isn’t something new to our eyes either. It seems that PSY has managed to put together the addictive beat, the quirky dance moves, the funny storyline of the video clip, the ironic South Korean socio-cultural reference in the lyrics and his contradicting personality of a K-popstar all into perspective.

In a Western dominated world, PSY has managed to penetrate the global entertainment market with the Gangnam Style. Yes, it is an American influenced music and culture but still, PSY’s success in some way has popularized his native Korean language and culture. More Koreans are proud of their Korean ancestry. They are proud of who they are. They’d want to associate themselves with PSY and his cool musical product. This is shown in the numerous parodies of his clips made on Youtube and comments written regarding the song. As mentioned I’ve mentioned before, even the Secretary General of the UN is proud of it.

Despite of the comedic sense of the song, it has a morally and spiritually degrading effect upon society which is infectious. The Gangnam Style video clip actually contains elements of sexuality, immoral dance moves, materialism, homosexuality and the exploitation of women. Unfortunately, all of these effects are decorated with the exciting dance beat that catches the right entertainment nerves of the human body. Everybody wants to dance to it and sing to it but many people are not aware of the negative influence their minds are under. Wallahu a’lam.


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