Between Dunya and Akhirah

In the quest of reflecting on life from a gamut of perspectives, my mind keeps searching for its true meaning. The temporal world that we live in is characterized by imperfection where the solution of one problem would eventually trigger another. Absoluteness is not its feature.

The condition of the realm that we live in is ever mutable and annihilable (Fana) as opposed to its perfect Maker which is of Continued Existence (Baqa’). We and our environment are in constant state of change. Just like the changing condition of the earth from its deepest mantle to the terrains and its accoutrements of trees and rivers, so are all moving things that survive on its existence.

The matters of between dunya and akhirah has always been one of the main concerns playing in my mind. Ever since when I was in madrasah I pondered on how and what are the best ways of juggling our affairs in this world and the Hereafter. Once I thought the life of the tabligh would be best where one leads a very modest way of life filled with ibadah and dakwah. But some queried if it is fair for a person to abandon his responsibility to feed his family. Maintaining good relations with other people is also important besides maintaining good relations with God (hablum minallah wa hablum minannaas).

Then I thought probably being a hermit living in solitary without meeting anyone but his Lord would be the best way of fulfilling our promises to Allah SWT. Again, my ustaz explained that Allah created man to submit to Him but also He has entrusted man with this world. It is a place to sow the seeds of rewards for us to claim in the Hereafter. Man was chosen to be the Khalifah for a cause.

One day, I came across an aphorism on twitter which relatively meant “Use this world to get closer to Allah but do not use Allah to get closer to this world”. MasyaAllah! It was a succinct statement that explained very well of the things we do. How many times have we asked from Him for our worldly needs and whims? Whereas when we do not get it we lament on our disappointment and bear hatred or vengeance in our hearts.

There is nothing wrong to ask Allah for something we want in this world as long as it is not against the shariah. However, it is much better if what we ask for is for the sake of Allah. If we succeed it attaining it, we must utilize it to serve Allah better. We should always remember to utter gratefulness to our Giver. However, it we fail to attain it ,we must be contented or redha for what He has decided for us. We must have great faith that He has something greater in store for us. If not, we will be trapped in this prison of disappointment forever.

How do we know if we have trained our hearts with contentment (redha)? Whether we have great faith in Allah that everything in this world comes from Him and to Him it shall return? One of the ways is to stop and have a check our feelings when we have lost something.  Have you lost something or someone that is so precious to you? If there is a sense of reluctance to accept that loss, then the heart needs to be mended. But if the heart says “it’s okay, it is not my rizq anymore”, then insyaAllah you are on the right track. Nothing in this world is immortal.

Tawheed is the most cardinal principle for us Muslims. It should work like a qiblah. Just like performing our prayers anywhere in the world, the direction is the same. So is the direction of our life. Our direction in this sense is Allah. Whatever we do is to please Allah, for Allah, to fulfill our responsibility to serve Allah.

It is not easy to stay on the course of Oneness. Moreover when our generational nemesis the envious devil has great experience in manipulating our naivety. We can never escape from making mistakes. But Allah will always welcome us with open arms; At-taubah has no limitations in terms of time nor space. We are only human. As His servant, we are weak and needy but as His khalifah, we are empowered to fulfill our promises to Him. We are here for a reason. We are made to be who we are and placed where we are for a reason. Rationalize that reason!

If you have doubts in the things that you do or you want in life, ask Allah for guidance. InsyaAllah, along the way, He will Show you the signs. Believe me, you will be surprised by the hidden wonders of His Messages. Allah yahdeekum.


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