On Abolishing PTPTN

The usual political trend that occurs towards an upcoming General Election is the proliferation of issues that is meant to jeopardise the ruling government’s image and credibility. One of the current issues is on the government-provided educational loan by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation or better known as the PTPTN. Previously, the opposition had raised the issue of free education where, “the government should bear the cost of the living allowances of students” and the abolition of the PTPTN.

I disagree with the idea of all tertiary students getting totally free education. Even when enrolling for a kindergarten and primary school, there are requirements for fees to be paid. In any institution, when fees are paid, it imbues a sense of obligation on the part of those who operate the institution and also those who receive the services from the institution. Having received salaries and also to pay the services would make people feel obligated to make full use of these services. When parents send their kids to school they are eager to monitor their childrens’ studies not only because of their love or for their kids’ future but also because that they have spent for their childrens’ education. Their children would also feel empathy for their parents for working very hard to give them the best place in education.

The same goes for the tertiary level. Those who enter the universities after high school are not children anymore. As teenagers, they are in a transitional phase from being kids to turning into men and women. It is a phase where they are supposed to own up for their acts and choices in life. IF a teenager wants free education or a scholarship, then he must strive hard to attain this either by scoring his SPM examinations or acquire a CGPA of 3.5 and above during the early semesters in the university. An excellent CGPA will guarantee students free scholarship from any organization, even from PTPTN. Yes, PTPTN does exempt remarkable students from paying loans. But if you know anyone who is still burdened by the loan after years of graduation, then it is his fault for under-performing in university. It is NOT PTPTN’s fault.

To achieve success, one must work hard for it and not wait for it to come knocking at his door.

There are students who are lucky enough to have rich parents to support them with all that they need while in university. They get laptops, handphones, motors, cars, electrical equipments for use in hostel. A friend of mine even got herself a mini TV! However, not everyone is that lucky. It is unfortunate that some students opt to misuse their PTPTN allocations for unnecessary things such as for luxury or style. Then later when they have to pay it back (because of not getting PTPTN-exempting results), they complain, refuse to pay back and fight to scrap off their loans. This is an act of injustice. Either by law or by Shari’ah. It is haraam for one to lead one’s life without concerning to pay back money that they own others. Moreover, not paying back means one is denying the rights of others (new students) who are in need of that money for their education. Is that fair?

I myself had made full use of the government’s educational loan facility. I am totally grateful for it. However, I keep reminding my nieces and nephews to study hard in school and ensure that they get the best results that will entitle them a free education. Nothing comes for free because if everything is free, there will be no value to it. The feeling of appreciation would be superficial.

As for those who are under the PTPTN loan, make sure you score in your studies so that you will not be a bankrupt graduate. Secondly, you should spend that money wisely. Better still, if you could return half or some portion of that money that you did not use. Loan interests are not cheap, they generate by the month. The later you pay, the higher are the interests. Hence, the more money you have to repay PTPTN.

Whereas for those whose parents can afford to pay for their studies, don’t apply for study loans. You do not need it. Want an iPad? Study smart, get a good job with a good pay, THEN only treat yourself with an iPad 6 . Hey, why not make it two iPads! Who needs to worry about debt, right? 😉


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