Politics of Hate

I have deactivated Facebook in December 2011. After utilising the famous social network for 4 years, I decided that I should put an end to it. Why? To sum it up, I find that currently the downside of FB outweighs its benefits. When I shifted from the world of Friendster to FB, I succumbed to the numerous functions that it offered. It was more convenient and private than Friendster. Sharing pictures with cousins in JB and establishing networks with professionals were the main objectives. Over time, the uses of FB have evolutionized. Especially when more people were joining the social media.

Then there came in people who take Facebook way too seriously. The flourishing of politics of hate worsens the situation in the Facebook sphere. Every morning when I read the statuses which were either about the day people go through with or the highlighted news in the papers shared, they were filled with negative responses. Facebook has become like a trash can for people to vent their anger and frustrations.

Sometimes I was perplexed by how troubling and hateful is the world that we live in today. I do not find my life difficult. It is not that it is all heavenly and beautiful but I refuse to think that my life is hard. I want to believe that Allah is there for me and I want to always be grateful for my condition. I am so grateful that He has allowed me to wake up this morning, breathe the fresh air and able drive to work in search of rizq. What? Someone spoilt your day? Well, maybe he has his own troubles too. Have empathy and pray that may Allah easen his affairs.

Apparently, there are politicians who are not making our days any better. Politicians are avid promoters of hatred through the new media. More often than not, they would highlight the negative side of an issue. Whenever the news reports an issue, politicians would always have a problem with it. If it is a small issue, the politicians would exaggerate and sum things up with simple mathematics of A + B = C. When actually that is the narrowest way of thinking in assessing the issue.

We must comprehend an issue from its context and examine the possible factors from a macroscopic perspective. Before judging, we must do our own “research”.

I would like to urge my dear readers to always stop and think when they read about an issue. Never follow the herd mentality that are led by the politicians. For example, is there nothing right ever done by the government at all? The government is not always right but it deserves the credit that it is due.

One aspect that is intolerable is that when politicians begin to play with sensitive issues of religion and ethnicity. It is tearing up our harmonious Malaysian social fabric. This act does not refer to any specific political party because every political party is consisted of extremists and also moderates. It is unfair to brand a particular party as extremists when there are only a portion of them who hold on to extreme ideas and aptitude. There are also peaceful politicians who champion unity. The unsung heroes.

This negative feeling of hatred must be eliminated from our minds and hearts. Hatred eats up one’s soul and consumes a lot of emotional energy. So why hate when Allah has given us a world filled with love. Plus, He gave us aql to think.


3 thoughts on “Politics of Hate

  1. Well-said.
    This constant “I-hate-everything” attitude is like a plague – and I am glad I am not the only one thinking that this is just “not OK”.

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