Human Sciences Studies, IIUM

When I was in my matriculation years at IIUM, there was a widespread perception that the Human Sciences course was by far the easiest course compared to the rest. I was told that this perception still prevails among the students at the Centre of Foundation studies. Most say that students who enrolled for the course were with mediocre results because the requirements were not as stringent as other specified courses such was law, economics, architecture, engineering and so forth.  As long as one passes with good English, he is good to go throughout the Human Sciences course. Some even say that the course is so easy to study that exams can be answered just by relying on deep common sense. Could this be true?

What is Human Science? It is a scientific study of human beings. It divulges on the who, what, why, where and how of the species. The study ranges from an individual to a society by involving the past and relates with its current existence. It does not magnify on the study of the human anatomy. However, in-depth knowledge of the human physical would give one an advantage in understanding man.

At the International Islamic University, every course would relate its studies with the Quran and Sunnah. Its policy is to promote the Islamization of Knowledge. Those who have failed to comprehend the bridging of religion and the reality have questioned its relevant. Some even find it a burden or a nuisance. Actually, the proposal of this methodology brings various unseen benefits.

The educational institution has attempted to produce a conducive environment to emulate the successes of the Islamic Golden Age during the 12th Century in Andalusia. The era has produced a burst of new knowledge that has benefited the citizens of the modern world. Most of the technologies that we use today are based on discoveries made by Muslim scholars such as Ibn Haitham, Khwarizmi, Avicenna and others. The Muslim scholars had actively sought knowledge from old civilizations such as from the Hellenistic era and made it a platform to explore further with the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. Apparently, the Islamic revelations make a perfect reference because it is a blueprint of the human nature (fitrah) endowed by Allah SWT.

The courses offered under the Human Sciences department are; Psychology, Sociology, Communication, Political Science, History and Civilization. The most famous course during the initial enrollment of students would be Psychology. Students tend to choose this course because they believe that it is the best course to understand and read people. Over time, they will discover about other courses and begin to change their preferences.

How about enrolling for social sciences at the prestigious Oxford University?

Even though people perceive that the Human Sciences course is a lame course of study, the painful truth is that actually those who venture into the studies are apparently the most power and also influential top thinkers in the world. It is true that being engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, doctors are socially respected jobs. However, social scientists are actually the ones who determine how those professionals are controlled and maneuvered for society. These human or social sciences students do not necessarily have to be scientists to be influential. Instead, a human scientist student has a wide range of potential prospect in the working world out there. They can work in any organization that they like (included that they build themselves with knowledge and skills related to the organisation).

Therefore, to all dear Human Sciences students out there, always bear pride for what you are doing in seeking ‘ilm. Never be disheartened for the downgrading or destructive comments given by others. Remember, that being empowered with the knowledge of human sciences will not only benefit you but also the whole society. The best part of all is that when the benefit and contributions are shared, you will gain immense reward from Allah for this good deed, insyAllah.


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