Choose Your Mind

Medinat an-Nahr – This world is actually a temporary realm. It is only a place to fulfill our promises to our Creator. Unlike the eternal realm which is the Hereafter, this world has a short timeframe. A day in this world is like 1,000 years in the Hereafter.

It is also a chaotic place for the soul. The original nature of the soul is so sacred and pure. However, it is constantly being bombarded with diabolical agents to contaminate it so that it will be suffer in this world and the Hereafter. It is not easy for us to stay calm at all times. Being human, it is normal to have fluctuation of emotions.

So how do we overcome these challenges? By following the do’s and don’ts that has been Ordained by Allah. Did you know that most of the solutions are contained in the Quran and Sunnah? Actually, anything that Allah has instructed us and forbade us to do is for our benefit, which is the key to a peaceful life. This needs a very long elaboration so I would prefer that we focus on a small scale of this issue.

The fate of the soul in someway is influenced by the mind. How the mind makes decisions to do good or bad, will affect a person’s actions. How the mind perceives a situation would also compel the heart to have positive or negative feelings. The mind can be the peacemaker of a broken heart. A sane mind is also the core requirement for a person to be bound to Islamic laws.

Psychologically, the human mind can be easily be affected by what it sees, hears and feels. I always thought on why Allah ordained women to cover their aurah head to toe unlike the men. A recent research has shown that, a sexy woman is often viewed by the human brain as a sex object rather than a person. That is why we can see the difference on how men communicate with a woman who dresses modestly or otherwise.

If a person is often exposed to circumstances or movies on sex, violence, sadness, ghosts and other negative elements, his mind will think more about it, believe in it, grow accustomed to it or even influenced to behave towards it. So is the other way round. If the person is exposed to Islamic or motivating ambiance and movies, he will be subconsciously inclined to emulate what he has seen.

So, if you are a sad and emotional person, it is best that you watch motivating movies or read motivational books rather than watch sappy love dramas. If you think you want to improve your religious knowledge and behaviour, try to join usrah or dhikr sessions or read more Islamic books. You can choose how you would like to mould your mind by selecting the right crowd for you to join. If you can not choose your crowd, then you can always choose the type of information to feed your mind.


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