Having Positive Thoughts Towards Allah

Bee Hive, City Centre – This time I would like to share how important it is to commence your day by having positive thoughts or bersangka baik towards Allah. What I mean by bersangka baik is to set your mind that Allah Loves you and He has something nice in store for you, be it on that day or everyday single of your life.

By beginning your day with good thoughts, you will emote positive vibes towards others. The display of good spirits will affect those around you. A smile will be returned with a smile. That smile will keep that happiness inside self growing. InsyaAllah, it will facilitate you in dealing with people. If someone responses to you stone-faced, never mind. Never let yourself be affected by it because probably that person is burdened by personal problems like having a terribly ill father or maybe he just got into a fierce argument.

We can not read other peoples’ minds and we can not expect other people to be like us either. Whatever that person may be facing, just keep on du’a for that person. When one has good opinion of Allah, he will have good opinion of other people too.

I remember when I was small, an aunty of mine used to tell me that we must say good morning as we reach the dining table. When she reenacted the situation, it was done with a chirpy expression. This aunty was a non muslim who was married to an Englishman. Come to think of it, how come in some aspect non Muslims practice better in manners and having husnuzzhann.

I see Muslims who are sour faced early in the morning and respond to people in an uninterested manner. Why do we Muslims, who begin our breaths of the day communicating with Allah and proclaim our beliefs in Him but do not show it in our faces and behaviors? Why do we stress ourselves out from morning till evening when Allah has given us the right to be happy?

As Muslims, we must strongly believe that only Allah has the sole power to change anything in this world. Whatever situation we are in, only Allah can control it. Allah always determine what is best for us be it a good or bad situation. However, our life would only be better based on how positively we view and handle it and also our persistence in asking for His help.

So remember to always smile and say assalamualaikum or hello good morning when you see your friends and colleagues in the morning. Start from this act of kindness and the rest will follow through.


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