Perfect Wedding

Al-Husna Mosque, Sunway City – I attended a wedding at this mosque situated in front of the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. Unlike the usual weddings, this function had a bride adorning niqab with her olive green wedding dress. In fact, 10 percent of the attendees wore the jubah with niqab. Their niqabs were not only the conservative black veils but also yellow, blue and grey. Someone even had topped it of with pink laces beautifully draped on her cheeks right below the eyes . I suppose the adornment of abayas, hijabs and niqabs nowadays have gone through a fashion transformation. It is a good thing because the elegance attracts more women to adopt this kind of Islamic attire. However, it is hoped that the niqabstas will never make it turn into another tool of fashion victimisation in future.

The wedding was a moderate one but vibrant. Moderate because the setting was not luxurious. Comfortable because of the feasting space and also had good food with efficient serving services. Whereas the vibrancy was due to the merry crowd at the wedding. The point is, why did the wedding had an unusually serene ambiance?

Firstly, the wedding was held at night. The guests could do their Isya’ prayers in the mosque and conveniently head to the dining which was right outside of the mosque. Since the wedding was not held in a hall, the open air ambiance enabled us to feel the occasional fresh breeze while we had our dinner. Even the parking space was exactly next to the tents, so it was really convenient for the guests to park and walk straight away to the dining tents.

Secondly, the special night had begun with a melodious salawaat and a touching du’a for the newlyweds. After that, throughout the event there were no speeches by the MC or couple’s parents. Slow tunes by Maher Zain, Sami Yusof and other Islamic songs were played till the end of the event. Actually, it is really nice to eat without the distraction of ear-piercing speakers thumping with high-toned MCs and hectic music. Whereas a function with protocols would only make guests eat their food in reservation.

The most important item in a wedding is the food. My grandfather who often organized feasts at his home told me that if we want to serve people food, we must give them the best of servings. Their menu were the usual beryani with curried beef, tomato chicken, dhal and pajeri nenas but the food was one of the best that I have ever had at a wedding. Probably I should ask for the caterer’s number and promote it to you readers. 🙂

Even though getting married is one of the most significant events in our life, a wedding does not necessarily have to be extravagant affair. Weddings are not made to impress others but to share the happiness, in hope of the return of du’a for a blissful union for the newlyweds. As for Ehsan and his wife, barakallahu feekumaa daiman abadan insyaaAllah.


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