Allah’s Leniency

City Centre, Bee Hive – Leniency is one of Allah’s great characteristics. It is embodied in a few of His 99 beautiful names such as ar-Rahmaan, ar-Raheem, al-Ghaffaar, al-Wahhaab, as-Samee’, al-Waliy, al-Latheef and so many more.

Allah had chosen human beings amongst his creations to carry the sacred torch of vicegerency in this world. He also chose people of this “era” to be the ummah of his most beloved prophet, Muhammad PBUH. The ummah of Prophet Muhammad are the people who are able to enjoy most the benefits of Allah’s leniency.

Unlike the limited interpretation of certain Muslims, the fulfillment of fard kifayah such as praying 5 times a day and fasting in the month of Ramadhan is not the only key to heaven. Allah has opened many doors to heaven for the righteous acts of His servants. However, this does not mean one can easily ditch fard kifayah. Instead, it is vital for him or her to complement spiritual ibadah with other aspects of being.

What Are The Signs of Allah’s Leniency

As it is mentioned in the Quran, Allah has created man to worship Him. To worship Allah, one must perform ibadah for the sole sake of Allah and no other intentions. Whereas is ibadah can be in various forms.

Allah has made it compulsory for us fulfill the five pillars of Islam; utterance of syahadah, to pray five times a day, to fast during the month of Ramadhan, to perform pilgrimage in Mecca and the practice of alms-giving (zakah). In fulfilling all of these demands, Allah has also provided us with some flexibilities of rukhsah (concession). For example, no many how compromising the situation may be, one can still perform his prayer. If his health condition deters him from being able to stand up, he can always pray in a sitting position or even lying down. If he is required to travel for a certain long distance, he can perform jamak prayers. There are also methods of praying if one is in the sea or in a flight. If he feels that his prayer is incomplete, he can always improve it with nawaafil prayers.

In terms of building one’s spiritual growth and his relationship with Allah, there are alternatives besides performing prayers such as the recitation of Quran, fasting and practicing zikr. One can even create his own ibadah package based on his own capacity and schedule. Any time is a good time for spiritual ibadah.

The core of being a muslim is his aqidah and iman. It is of utmost importance for a Muslim to have great faith in his syahadah where Allah is the only God and Muhammad as His apostle. Still, as human beings, we can sometimes be derailed and distracted by many worldly things. For example, there are people who believe in Allah but they revere wealth to the extent that they are willing to harm others for it. Hence, there are many types of aqidah and levels of iman that are open to Allah’s jurisdiction. The definition of good and evil is subjective. Hence, only Allah has the capability to fairly judge His servants.

Even the dos and don’ts  are ordained by Allah with different categorizations; halal, haram, sunnah, makruh, mubah. There are things that are not encouraged for us to do but still they are not totally prohibited by Allah in the matters of makruh. This signifies an aspect of the human nature where sometimes we are not allowed to do something and yet we have a weakness for the irresistible. Human make mistakes. Hence, the leniency given by the Oft-forgiving God.

His servants can always seek forgiveness till the moment of their last breath.  Just like how the sun rises and goes down in the end of the day. Then the sun rises again tomorrow. The sunrise that beams the earth is a symbol of hope it brings to all of us. The rising of the sun on the following days tells us of the second chances that Allah has given us unendingly without any prerequisites. If we missed the next day, we have the next day. If we missed the days in a week, we have the following week. If we missed the whole week, we have the consecutive weeks, months or years. All these chances are abundant. Nevertheless, always remember that there is a limit to everything in this world including our second chances days.


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