The Most Precious Gift a Child Could Have

Nahr al-Medina, City Centre– A child is an amaanah from Allah. Even though a child is made out of a mother and father’s own flesh and blood, it is a tough truth that the parents do not own the child. They are merely the causal agents of the child’s existence in this temporal world. However, the child is highly obligated to respect his parents especially his mother.

When Prophet Muhammad PBUH was asked by a sahabah, he had reiterated for three times that one should prioritise his mother from his father. For a mother’s sacrifice is incomparable to anyone in this world. Some with bad experience may detest their mothers for forsaking them but their mothers are still their mother. Remember, she risked her life to bring you into this world.

I am writing this because I have been witnessing how the women around me experience the beauty and bear the pains of pregnancy. Honestly, I am truly awed by the sophistication of the human relations and human creation that Allah has made. I wonder, what is the hikmah of this paradox. Paradox is what keeps the world going. Only Allah Knows best.

Parents worry about their children. They would always expect the best out of them. They wish for brilliance, beauty, imaan and safety for them. Still, all of these are subjected to Allah’s jurisdiction. No parent will get all of their wishes fulfilled. At least, not at all times. Whatever wrong happens to their child is not totally their fault. At 10 years old, a child may be at his best behaviour. By 20 years old he can possibly be the worst of mankind. Who are we to blame the parents? We do not know what the journey of their lives have been like. Whatever a person becomes, it is a choice of his own. Not his parents.

The most vital responsibility of a parent is to provide his child the tools of developing his imaan. Imaan is the most basic foundation of being human and Allah’s servant. It is the most precious gift that a parent could give. In general, people say that they must teach their children religious knowledge. Hence, children are taught how to pray, recite the sacred scribe, fast from dusk till dawn, to not utter derogatory words or consume non kosher foods.

Nevertheless, how many of us have attempted in elaborating the secrets of these practices to our children? When actually the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful Lord has endowed upon His weak servants great benefit behind all the instructions and the forbidden. In the end, people grow to practice religion not more as a cultural inheritance. Just like the mundane of brushing one’s teeth after waking up in the morning without realising the significance of it. Thus, it is important to gradually let a child understand his existence in this world in relation to his Creator and other creations.

A parent can never keep an eye on his child at all times. The child will grow and there will be a time when it is time to let him go like setting a bird free. Only imaan will save him (in this realm and the Hereafter) and a parent’s du’a will keep him in line along the way. As for the rest, it is Allah’s Will.

Above all of the best wishes I have for every children in this world, my greatest hope is that Allah Destines the best for their life in the Hereafter. May they be saved from all of their acts and conditions in this superficial realm that may compromise their souls in the Hereafter, ameen ya rabbal ‘aalameen.


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