An Encounter with Putin

Moscow, Russia – On the 24th of September 2011, I was destined to meet one of the most famous world leaders in Mother Russia. Being able to witness the United Russia leader in action on the stage of its convention was a moment that had changed my life forever. For the first time, I was in the same hall with Vladimir Putin within a proximity of a few meters away. I was lucky enough to arrive at the event fashionably late with the rest of the foreign delegates and yet we were positioned at the front seats reserved for us in the Luzhniki Stadium.

As Putin walked steadily with his humble head down towards the rostrum upstage, my eyes scrutinized his every move. My mind was critical with incessant analysis of him and the surroundings of the stadium. Of course, one may listen to his speech through any recorded medium of modern technology. However, the experience would never be the same because being in the hall itself gives one the primal source of analysis.

Both Medvedev and Putin were dressed to perfection, the epitome of world class leaders. They were very well composed at the speeches they deliver. The audience had listened attentively to the messages they conveyed. Putin exudes affirm confidence like no other leader that I have met before. I felt it from the moment everyone kept their silence as the Prime Minister approached the stage from his seat amidst the crowd. Medvedev too had that leadership persona but it was incomparable to that of his mentor’s.

After elaborating his presidential programme, Putin received an overwhelming response from the delegates of the congress. There was a moment of a standing ovation and thunderous claps from his supporters. Putin maintains his poise and signals repetitively requesting the delegates to sit down. It depicted of how popular he was and how much respect the people of Russia have for him as their de facto leader.

I wondered that despite of what his critics have to say about him, Putin knows better the needs of the Russian people rather than those outside of the country. It is inevitable that the instrumental Russian leader has made a wide contribution in building the country and progress for more than a decade. I was surprised by his admission on the lingering weaknesses of the government such as in combating the malaise of corruption over the years. It signified that he is not a pretentious leader and that he is striving hard to build the country for the sake of the people.


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