Travel The World

Bee Hive, City Centre – I have to admit that 2011 is not my blogging year. For the past 11 months, I have been occupied with extensive traveling throughout the country and overseas. To date, I have traveled to 9 countries and 23 cities. Some cities had that familiar flavor in the sense of its architecture, language or food with the likes of London, Beijing and Dubai. There were also places that were totally alien to me such as Paris and Moscow. Overall, those new environments have stimulated my mind like never before keeping me electrified.

It made me realize how distinctive our worlds can be, whether one is in a different country or  simply being another person of a different age group. One can even travel by way of thoughts without even moving a finger. Reading may also provide one ideas of imagination of a historical place. Nevertheless physically being there, touching its earth and float along with the scents of humanity gives an inimitable experience.

Spiritually, new encounters with the creations of our Almighty further affirmed my deep faith on His Greatness in the workings of this world. How that He was able to make it in such way and what are the aspirations that we can acquire within? It is beyond our limited cognitive capacity but it is something that we must think about. Indeed, Allah is the best Guide (al-Hadi).

Every country is like an individual. It has its own advantages and weaknesses. Some countries grow faster than others and its governance framework may or may not be applicable to another because they are born different. Some are impregnable of crises and some are at war all the time. The most similar case is that their citizens often complain about their government, there is always something wrong about it and the country.

As a citizen, I believe that we must be grateful to Allah for how He has Made the country for us; the fine weather, the safe state of livinghood and others. Criticisms should be constructive and that we ourselves should also play our part in building the country for the sake of the future generation. Not by condemning and inciting discord.


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