Unusual Fate

Bee Hive, City Centre – It has been almost a month now since we’ve moved into a new place from the in-laws in Bukit Tunku. Buying a new home has been quite an experience for me and my husband. Commencing from househunting up to home decor. It wasn’t until when the renovations started that I realised that I actually have very particular taste in colors, sizes, arrangements and other make ups of a household. I believe that a hard day’s work should be rewarded with a heavenly haven. Paradise on earth is the creation of man’s imagination. Now that is what I hope for my home to be, God Willing.

A friend of mine had recently expressed her worries about how life has been going for her. She couldn’t help but to compare herself with the others around her. She felt that she was left behind seeing some of us who were already settled down, having a family, buying a home or building a business empire. She was so engrossed with the progresses of the rest of us that she forgot the advantages of her singledom. Me and my friends were amazed by her successes and the privileges that she had earned from her hardwork over the years. Come to think of it, she has come a long way from our varsity years. In fact, all of us did within our own paths of destiny, alhamdulillah.

The human phases of life has a standard operation procedure. When a child is born, he will grow in a matter of time. He will have the first baby step or learn to utter the first parroted word. Some babies learn to walk first and are able to speak later. Some develop their speaking skills first and begin to crawl thereafter. There are also children who couldn’t speak till they were three or four like Einstein did.

As he grows older he will be sent to kindergarten, consequently resumes for another 11 or 12 years of formal education. If he excels enough, he will go to university and then graduate. He would need to get a job to sustain himself and plan for his future. When the time comes, he will marry then have children of his own. Upcoming successes in life would ensue depending on his own efforts and passion.

This is the normal genealogy of life that we often see. However, not everyone will go through the same phase procedures in life. Just like the progress of a child that I had illustrated earlier. Some people don’t go to kindergarten but straight to school, some don’t finish school but opt to marry first, some have their children all grown up and then only manage to enroll for a degree. There are many examples of a topsy turvy life line but I think these examples are sufficient to make us think that it is okay to have a different journey in life unlike others. Phase 4 can come before phase 1 or phase 7 can come before before phase 8. There is no rule to that because these phases are just guidelines for us to have a logical perception on the human fate.

My message to all of you readers is that no matter how awkward your journeys are, you should not by any means feel disheartened by it. Allah has destined for you to not yet marry, having a family, work, attain an award or an achievement in life with a reason that only He Knows. There is always a secret to the journey that we can never expect of, wallahu a’lam.


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