Jalan Pahang, City Centre – While waiting for our orders to be served at a local restaurant, my eyes took a short glance at the TV hung up high before our table. Just from the audio, I had already recognised the sympathy-gaining monologue. It was TV3’s Bersamamu welfare programme. I must say that melancholy is not one of my favourite theme when it comes to audiovisuals. Whatever that involves emotional extremity, affects me in some way. Even a sight of a lost mewing kitten could wrench this beating heart. A tear of another could cause these eyes turn red. Call me weak if one may, but I believe that a sensitive heart has brought upon me some sense of humanity.

Recalling the sad stories of the old, poor and abandoned, I began to question the stance that one should hold with regard of these people. Nevermind the physically and mentally challenged. How about those who are of complete limbs and organs, sane mind and rational psyche? To what extent should they deserve pity?

Will the supply of material goods suffice? Should they be treated with pity?

Pity has its boundaries. What I mean is that it is okay to express sympathy. However, we need to help them eradicate the “difficulty mentality” and replace it with the doctrine of shukr. The idea is that whatever our condition is, how much rizq we are ordained with, we must remain grateful to Allah S.W.T. By feeling grateful for what one already has, it will emancipate him from the burdens of constraint. He will not feel that life is tough or God is being unfair to him.

When one feels that he is in difficulty, he should imagine himself being in a worse condition. Then he will realise that his condition is not as bad as he perceives. Think of what we already have in hand and how to utilise it to expand our means, not of what we do not have.

To attain the consciousness of positive thinking and the strength of the spirit to move on in life are two different things. For example, sometimes one has the knowledge that whatever happens to him is determined by Allah and only Allah can save him from the tribulations or pains in life. However, he may not possess great faith in this knowledge where the heart fails rely solely on the Almighty with serenity.

For the mind and the heart to conform with each other and ignite actions towards a belief is also a form of hidayah. Hidayah is not restricted to the matters of aqidah as what we usually learn in school. Attaining the wisdoms of life is considered hidayah as well.

I wonder how lucky we are to be given this guidance by Allah by various means and forms. The hidayah to seek for knowledge to enrich our spiritual and material beings in this realm. It does not matter if one is not highly educated. The most vital key is to have the conscience that whatever the circumstances may be, we should have faith in Allah to work our way in fulfilling our promises to Allah and our responsibilities as the vicegerent in this world.


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