CFS, Nilai – I had recently accompanied my other half for a lecture at the Centre of Foundation Studies.

Seeing the fresh and hopeful faces reminded of my undergraduate years. I can still remember the excitement, adventures and expectations we had those days. I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I imagined the future that awaits them for the next 5-6 years ahead.

” Adolescence, it is a phase that is full of thrill and surprises. Some of you will sustain this hunger you have for knowledge and some will falter along the way. Persistence will repay you to savour success but remember, yes remember… the demons of thy hormones may derail you once and again. Pain puts your fragility to test. By then you will know whether you will either fail or fly high.

You may or not slip the ladder of intellect because of love and other desires that may clamour you down to the depths of failure. However, defy it with all your might. Resurrect thy souls in the name of the Almighty, insyaAllah success shall remain putty in thy hands. I pray that may Allah Protect you all along the way to graduation day, ameen


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