Revise Resolutions

Kowloon, Hong Kong – Time flies really fast. Within the next few coming days, the second half of 2011 will be commencing. As for the Muslims, Sha’ban is already approaching with Ramadhan trailing behind along with abundant of blessings.

Usually new years are the best times of drafting one’s annual resolutions where targets are set to be achieved. To wait for another 12 months and devise more yearly objectives would be just a little too long. Hence, I find that every quarter of the year are equally important in tracking these targets that we have already set earlier.

What are the significance of March, June, August and December? These four months could be checkpoints for us to sit down and go through our action plans in achieving our yearly objectives. We should make it a habit where by the end of those months, lists are to be assessed to identify whether we have or have not expedited our plans with flying colours.

If we have not achieved certain targets, we should question why and how could we could modify our steps in achieving them? Perhaps, there are resolutions that could be put on hold or be replaced with new resolutions. Altering personal targets is solely the designers prerogative so improvise according to the situation would not do any harm.

Resolutions are like fuel that keeps us going in life with high spirits. Allah has created objectives for man to fulfill as a vicegerent in this temporal world where deeds are sown for the Hereafter. Remember, there is no such thing as a failed resolution. If you fell from the horse, then get up and ride again. Revise your resolutions.


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