Learn From Others

Camden Town, Northwest London – I first learnt about the Jewish community when I was tasked to do a short write up on them by Pak Habib. Those days I had great interest in the cabal of secret societies, Freemasonry, Zionism, cults and such. When I read Steven Silbiger’s “Jewish Phenomenon” lent by my beau, I had discovered the ubiquity of the Jewish people and how their ideas revolve around the world that we live in. It seems that almost every facet of our lives is infiltrated with their activities. For conscious Muslims, this is something detrimental to their nature. However, I believe that not everything made by the Jews is insiduous to us but it is a matter of how we choose to conduct our lives with it.

For example, the computer or laptop that you are using right now constitutes products by Jewish heralded companies. So, does it mean that the technology is virulent to your way of life as a muslim and it contaminates your spiritual being? Hence you must blame the Jews for this technology and avoid the technology totally? We can definitely avoid certain Jewish war-funding products but I am afraid that it is not yet possible for us to condone computers (as for now). Till then, let us put on our rational cap to venture into a broader perspective on this issue.

We should be apt users of technology or any creation of modernisation. Rather than be shackled by the them-and-us stigma, we must take into consideration on the uses of these creations and utilise them to fulfill our objectives as the vicegerents of Allah. We should be the masters of things and not let ourselves be enslaved by it.

Intrigued by the miraculous success of the Jews in establishing themselves in different parts of the world, me and my cousin had collaborated for a quest to unravell the mystery of this unique ethnic community. Despite the fact that there is a socioreligious conflict between the Muslims and the Jews in Palestine, we should not deprive ourselves from learning more about these people, even if we disfavour or support any side of the friction. When it comes to understanding the world, one should set aside the clouds of hostility and dissatisfaction in his mind. The world is composed of not only the good and beauty but it is complemented with the other side of the coin. The diabolic, hideousness and suffering are created to form an antithesis of things in life; the materialisation of an eureka. That is why I often opt to sift the boons of life rather than lamenting on the unchanged. Learn and progress.

I find that every race has its own features that either strengthen or weaken them. These features include their environmental, physical, cultural and linguistical sense that embody their uniqueness. In Malaysia, the Chinese are perceived as the progressive ones as compared to their local counterparts. Their success in conquering the national economic pie occurs not only in Malaysia but also in other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and the Philipines. Even their state of origin, China is one of the growing economic powers in the world. Thus, I find that both the Chinese and the Jews have something in common that we can learn from them. Perhaps it can help us in devising methods to change the Malays for a better generation in future, insyaAllah.


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