My Post A Week Marathon

Al-Hambra, City Centre – The month of January has already come to its end and I have managed to post four writings along the way. Early this year I have decided to join WordPress’ “Post A Week” campaign that encourages its users to post more writings on their blogs. I love writing for leisure. Writing enables us to express ourselves and blogs like WordPress provide us the space for mental gymnastics.

Writing is no easy feat. There are a myriad of hurdles that one has to go through to be a dilligent author. The worst enemy of a narrative soul is fear. Having fear of making mistakes is one of them. In actuality, making mistakes is a part of learning. None of the most successful people on earth have never made errors in chasing their dreams. I personally find mistakes as a hikmah, a perfect teacher and reminder. It is a point of departure for a better self through improvisations.

Time has also been one of the most innocent victim of blame for people not being able to write. The truth is that time has always been there but it is only us who have opted for other priorities. This of course includes myself. I have difficulties of finding time to achieve the perfect state of nirvana for ideas to pour out on this white screen. Ideas vary that sometimes I face the dilemma between posting something that requires deep thinking or simplicity. This time round I choose simplicity because I plan to achieve at least four anecdotes for a month.

Many have expressed that they would love to write but the words just would not come to them and they do not know where to begin. The best solution to start writing and stop thinking. Just do it! Set  aside your fears of grammatical errors or punishing readership scrutiny. Put your fingers on the keyboard and then start typing what comes to your mind. Let it roam like a patient lion in the desert.

I have made a pact with myself to write more this year and I hope that it will benefit me in some way. Hence, I advise any reader of this blog to brace yourselves for posts that may not serve your purpose in future.  Here is wishing myself all the best!


One thought on “My Post A Week Marathon

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