No Place Like Home

Heavenly Haven, City Centre – I have been on a tour for the past few weeks, sojourning one city to another. It has been an incredible experience being able to wander unfamiliar places on my own. I have discovered that to travel on your own would be a whole different world. You tend to become more alert and your eyes become more sensitive to the words on the signboards and the positioning of buildings on multidirected junctions. You do not blindly follow the herd but your mind calculates every single step and turns that you make as you trod the streets. Each of your God-Given senses would work like tentacles clamouring all the information possible for decisions to be made to arrive the next destination.

Compared to my undergraduate years, I have been more receptive towards my surroundings when I am on a foreign land. Language has been my utmost interest besides culture and history of the people. Nowadays I can not help but to compare governance and business between the countries that I visit with the country that I currently reside. I kept telling myself that we could have done better. However, within the disparities of these countries, each they had their own strengths and uniqueness; including Malaysia.

Deep down inside, I felt a strong sense of loyalty and love for my country. It is one of my biggest hope to one way or another, strive to make this country better place to live in. For us and for those who succeed us, insyaAllah. May Allah Guide and Help us in our endeavours, ameen.


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