Sacrifice With Faith

Segamat, Johore – Innocent, sincere, passionate and in-love. These are some of the words that describe best the girl who has sought my advice on matrimonial matters this afternoon.

Her expressions of dilemma inadvertently enlightened me and verified one of the convictions that I strongly held on to all these while. For the sake of anonymity let me just address her as tulip.

Tulip has made the most important decision that will change her life forever. A decision that was never in the list of her adolescence till the moment destiny returned her prince charming after 10 colorful years. For the sake of precious love, Tulip chose to be a queen but had to succumb to a painful condition in reluctance; abandon her political kingdom for eternity.

You see, politics has been one of her prime passions. Abstinence from politics maims her freedom of expression, at least to her own belief. Her quagmire reminded me of a familiar scenario. I too once had to forsake an effort of a lifetime in return of blissful joy. It was like parting from a best friend and tears accompanied us for the last few days. However, deep down inside I knew that this was jihad of its own kind. A jihad against possessiveness or  the attitude of worldly ownership (sikap memunya), a form of ego that may be detrimental to this world we live in if not curbed. I, consoled myself with all the healing words that I could find at the back of my mind. One of the most powerful panacea was that I believed that someday Allah will Grant me something much better in future. Throughout my life, I have learnt that when our heart clings on to something or someone at an extreme level, He will drift it away from us. It is not of cruel intentions but it is a way of keeping His Servants close to Him and not be led astray by worldly desires. Perfection is a deadly killer of subservience. It is of human nature to return to God when he is at his lowest points of life but linger when in the state of complacence.

As I advised Tulip, I repeated to myself those very same consoling words. Little did I realise that actually Allah has already repaid my sacrifice in abundance. I reflected those troubling days and compared to what I will be getting soon. Indeed, Allah Knows what is the best for us. Tulip, dread not for the decisions that you have made because if those sacrifices are painful, faith will heal them in time then you savour its ethereal beauty by God’s Will. Do it for the Love of Allah and Allah will Shower you with His infinitive Love that you can never imagine, InsyaAllah. Praying for your success and happiness always. Allah yahdeeki.


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