Decade Departure

Bee Hive, City Centre – With the coming of an amalgamation of a new Islamic year, a new Georgian year and a new number on my life-meter, I embark on a new phase of life as inscribed on my destiny tablet. In retrospective, I took the time to reflect this colorful journey that I have gone through in this temporal world by the decades.

For some unknown reasons I find that there is always a sense of reluctance  in departing from one decade to another.  The alteration of the front number of an age gives one great significance as it is a precursor of changes which maybe immense or minor. Then again, age is just a number and Allah is always Merciful to His creations where changes are Written with great flow; nothing that His servants’ soul can not bear.

I find that life is like an unexplored library. The more racks you rummage through, the more interesting books you will find. The deeper you delve into those interesting and queer books, the more you realize that there is so much more to be experienced by the mind. It tantalizes you to seek for Him out there through this world that He has created for you. Then you wonder about the other libraries out there or perhaps other lairs of knowledge that you have not discovered.


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