Writing to The Bones

Last month, I came across a light reading book entitled Writing to The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. One of her tips was to write without thinking. What she meant by that was to just pour out everything on paper without bothering about  the grammar, the beauty of the sentences nor the logic of it. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a poem, novel or article. Just write. Just do it. Go!

The first person who taught me this tip was Atuk. Those days I used to spend  my semester breaks at his offices in Titiwangsa and Gombak. I had the opportunity to  learn a lot of things pertaining to writing and publishing from the veteran writer. He would give me a few books on a particular subject and assign me to submit an article within a few days. I almost freaked out when he gave me my first task. I was in fear of not being able to write according to his critical expectations. Nevertheless, atuk convinced me to just write what I felt and leave the rest to my stream of thoughts.

Writing is like running or in my personal experience, dancing. When you learn how to dance, you don’t think whether your movements are right or not. The music is put on and you just sway, go with the flow. Along the way you will develope your kinesthetic intelligence. Personally I find that both writing and dancing sets me free. It lets me learn more about myself and understand my being. In fact, music and choreography taught me how to comprehend the workings of the world; of the reality and hyperreality. Now I’m all engrossed with the things I have never known before in Humanities.

For a person to be a very good writer he needs to hone his skills by writing as often as he could. Goldberg works best with a pen and a notebook. She asserts that the feeling of that pen and paper in a writer’s hands gives her the thrill to write. I work better by slamming my nimble fingers on the keyboard narrating my stories in softcopies for future reading.

When you write for different purposes, you tend to get lost in expression. Goldberg taught me that actually you are never lost but in fact you have discovered a new realm that is yet to be deciphered.


2 thoughts on “Writing to The Bones

  1. This is inspiring! How I wish I could just write… but something is stopping me.
    My ideas are all fuzzy in my head. Sometimes there is this overwhelming urge to write but I don’t. I will, one day, InsyaAllah.

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