Israel’s Freedom Flotilla Naval “Inspection Mishap”

Bee Hive, City Centre – A bundle of workload still failed to distract me from deep thoughts on the Mavi Marmara flotilla raid by the Israelis. It has been almost a week now since the tragedy took place in the international waters off the Gaza Strip. Despite the dangers of the mission, another humanitarian aid ship known as Rachel Corrie has proceeded to Gaza and is currently towed to Ashdod by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Gaza: An Open Air Palestinian Prison

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli blockade since June 2007.  It’s neighbour, Egypt has also cooperated by blocking an entrance to Gaza known as the Rafah Crossing Borders. The Arab community has openly criticized Egypt for “cooperating with the enemy”. Its cooperation are due to various factors, one of them being that it is one of the biggest recipient of fund aid from the US which is second to Israel. The cooperation was to contain further aggravation of the Israeli-Palestian conflict near its borders.  However, this blockade of Gaza by land, sea and air has left the Palestinian dwellers totally shut out from the outside world.

Conflict of Perceptions

Observing the concatenation of events from the flotilla murderous raid and the responses of leaders, experts and the public from various countries, I could not help but notice the conflict of perceptions amongst them. Each of them are condemning “the other side” and justifying the right of the side that they support.

A canal of theories  on the raid and Turkey’s effort of sending the ship are deduced from different perspectives.  Some say  Erdogan purposely sent the ship to divert attention from local issues and some also claim Netanyahu had allowed the crisis to happen in order to avoid the peace process discussion with the US President. Only Allah Knows the whole truth of these events.

The killings of 9 activists on the humanitarian aid ship by Israeli commandos has caused international outrage. It is viewed as a declaration of war against humanity itself and not only a war between the Israelis and Palestinians. People have come together in colossal demonstrations in their cities venting their angers on those inhumane killings.

As for the Israelis and their supporters, they view that the IDF had the right to inspect the ship as it was heading to a territory under their control. Fear of any possible war aids reaching the hands of their archenemy,  the Israeli military forces are totally stringent in granting access to their borders. In one comment by a reader of the Jerusalem Post, he commented that how would Turkey felt if an aid ship were to be sent to the Southern of Turkey to help the Kurds. This signifies that they perceive the act of storming the flotilla  by the naval forces itself was an act of defense. Moreover, they believed that the organizer of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla are linked to Hamas even though  the organizer is not in the US blacklisted organisations.

Humanitarian Killings: Bad International PR for Israel and IDF

Still, I wonder why did the commandos approached the ship in a pirate-like manner by pointing laser guns onto the heads of those humanitarians on the deck of the Mavi Marmara ship? Was the shoot to kill method done with an objective to strike fear in the hearts of the public from ever confronting the “professional” Israeli Defence Forces?

Accidental murder of 9 humanitarian activists in reaction of self-defense definitely does not look good on IDF’s and Israel’s international repertoire.Was it a military faux pas? As I have thought, the Israeli military had admitted that the operation that went wrong because of a failed “planning and execution” on handling the situation. Then again, it doesn’t make sense at all because the Israeli intelligence is known to be one of the best in the world!

Nature of Jews

The nonchalance of the IDF and Netanyahu from the international uproar and pressures  due to the bloody incident reflects the nature of the Jews as cited in the Quran. Though it is irrational to generalize every Jew to possess such characters, surprisingly I have found a few of descriptions on the characteristics of Jews which bear the exact depiction in the Quran. Some American have described the Jews as having superiority complex, ethnocentrism, materialistic, used to spreading lies,  can not be trusted and others. Probably these characteristics do not necessarily apply to every Jew but the information remains useful in understanding them for further research. However, it is also undeniable that there are a lot of successful Jews in the capitalistic world.

Will the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict end?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been perennial for more than 50 years because its occurs on the basis of religious beliefs regarding the right of the holy land as noted in their sacred scribes. The “fight and revenge”  doctrine between both of these groups which has been inherited for generations will make it impossible to put the conflict in an immediate end. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians trust each other because of the cultivated perception that the other side will kill them for the beliefs they hold on to; religion.

In the modern era that we live in, people are supposed to be more civilized and act humanely as compared to the previous decades. Yet physical war and killings still exist in our world today. Modernity has only modernized their methods of war but not their thinking and their hearts.

Hence, it is all up to us. People like us, who are striving for peace, should be utilizing modernity as the means of educating their barbaric minds and the future generation that deadly confrontation is not the ultimate answer to conflicts.

Although the Jews and Arabs are determined against each other, peace could also be possible if the process is not only limited to agreements and physical cooperation. But peace should be cultivated right from understanding the true messages of their sacred kitabs without politicization. A certain group should find the way to alleviate the inherited animosity between the Israelis-Palestinians. This would take time but it is better to start sooner than never at all.


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