Bee Hive, City Centre – I was told that our Malaysian international star Zee Avi made her start from YouTube just like Che’Nelle and Yuna did from myspace. The interesting part is that she got her shot from a song that she composed when someone once broke her heart.

Nietzche once said “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star“.

I have witnessed many of whom have bloomed after break ups. As for those who have been broken more than once, they always bloom nicer than before. Sometimes, they look back and they are astonished by how far they have come from where they were then.

When we lead our daily lives at a normal pace for too long, we become complacent in our comfort zone or even driven to derail and transgress from the limits of religion. That is why Allah Tests us once in a while. It leads us back to Him. In another aspect, crises wakes us up and makes us want to improve ourselves. Crises should lead us to progress not digress.

Whether you are in a disheartening situation or not, you should always remember to pause once in a while and ask “Have I improved myself?”


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