Women and Change

Uno Pace, City Centre– I am fond of listening to another’s tales of experiences. I find that every being has an interesting story to tell. It is from these stories I learn the lyrical lessons of life, comprehend the colourful nuances of worldviews and construe the existence of God and His Creations. On the grand scheme of things, it guides me to find the answers to the Truth.

Some incidents can change our lives forever. As long as longevity permits, each one of us is destined to pass through the usual phases of life; infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Within these phases there are the three main destinies that are already determined by Allah; life, marriage, death.

Whatever that is meant for us in this realm is rizq (provision). Rizq does not only come in the form of material and abstract matters like love or power but even people such us our family, good friends or neighbours. When the record of our rizq runs out, only death will become of us because death can never be postponed nor hastened.

There are women whom I have grown to know for many years and I have become the accidental witness of their evolution so as they have become mine. I discovered how women are changed by the different phases of life or by major incidents that shaken up their reality. It consequently alters their thinking, concerns, focus, objectives, preferences, appearance and their worldview as a whole.


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