Human Energy

Bee Hive, City Centre – Our inconstancy is what makes us human. We can never be nor behave the same way at all times. There are days that we can be chirpy and there are moments when we uncontrollably react to the provocations of emotion. Some days we can just work full-throttled like an Energizer powered bunny and yet there are days we can be totally helpless without any apparent reason. Women are more unstable than the opposite sex because of their physical composition.

The roles that women assume today are much more challenging as compared to the times of our grand ancestors. They are simultanous homemakers, mothers, wives, breadwinners, workers and leaders. In the old days, women were able to focus their energy on housechores and family. Nowadays, their responsibilities would demand most of their time, from the moment their child starts to cry out in the darkness of dusk till the night comes again. It  simply wears them out. I’ve had working mothers expressing their weariness and some of them even find that life is gradually taking a toll on them.

I wondered if there are any magical potions that can keep us energetic and high spirited in fulfilling our tasks all the time. Of course there are loads of bottled health drinks and multivitamins lined up in pharmacies. However, physical vigour and emotional / mental strengths are both different aspects of energy.

When I asked around what do they do to boost their energy, mostly shared their tips on effective supplements, traditional herb and exercises.

Energy A Matter of Mind

I liked Uncle Seekers’ interesting answer pertaining to the human energy. He said that our energy is just a matter of the mind;

Say for example, you just came back from work late in the evening and I told you to wash the car, you’d be begging for your life right? Then again, if you were to come back from a hard day’s work and I gave you RM3000 and told you to go shopping, you would definitely turn bright eyed then straight away hop back into your car to the Gardens or KLCC!

His answer made me and my cousins laugh. Still it made sense to us. Perhaps we are energetic when it comes to doing something we really like. Unless if we are bored with it, we could stay energetic and high spirited.

Hypothetically energy and boredom can not co-exist.

Then again, being human we can never escape from being bored and drained out. I kept thinking “Since the human energy is ephemeral, how can one really sustain vivacity?”

The True Source of Energy

One day it crossed my mind that there is one person who I have never seen being low or lingering about without anything to do. It was my father in-law. I don’t know he has ever been depressed or sad but I have never seen him being so. He is always on the move doing his mundane tasks and time is something that he highly values. I asked him what kept him being full spirited and he replied with one key word “Zhikr”.

His lips are never idle from uttering His sacred Words, Names and His Prophet. Zhikr pacifies the heart.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.

[Surah ar-Ra’ad: 28]

The human soul is weak and it yearns for its Creator. By zhikr, one fortifies his soul, galvanizing energy of the Almighty within himself.

Zhikrullah is the true answer to the source of human energy.


One thought on “Human Energy

  1. Metaphysically speaking, zikir does have impact to human personality, including his/her emotion and state of mind.

    Zikir is repetition of praise for Allah, such as subhanallah, alhamdulillah, allahuakbar, ya latif, ya aziz, ya Allah, ya Rahman, and laila ha illallah.

    On the surface value, it is merely a form of statement, testimony, declaration. But, from metaphysical perspective, it is more than a statement actually. It has value heavier than the world and its content as hadith declared. It has strong impact to state of emotion and psychology. you know why? because it is just “sacred” and I cannot explain more than that. It is too much advanced than our mechanical way of understanding thing.

    If you to know its impact. Practice it! Only then you can comment about it.

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