A Mother’s Forgiveness

Bukit Sentosa, City Centre – I read about the gruesome murder of the family of four in Gemencheh. It is one of the rare cases in Malaysia because the alleged murderer was their own family member. I mean why would a sane person would want to kill his own favourite grandparents, father and sister?

What surprised me most was that the mother of the suspect has forgiven her son for murdering her parents, husband and beloved daughter all at once. As a mother, she loved her son despite of the grave mistake he has probably committed. As a Muslim, Zaharah Atan accepted the fate that Allah has determined for her and her family.

As I looked hard at her picture, I thought to myself how strong this woman was. I can never imagine being in her place and forgive the tragedy that has happened. Only a person who has very strong faith in Allah is given such devastating tribulations because Allah does not test us more than what we can bear.

On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear [Quran 2:286]

Condolence to the family and I pray that may Allah grant her strength and Bless upon the victims’ souls.


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Forgiveness

  1. salam kak nell…

    huhu lame da tak menulis??

    anyway… FYI.. arwah siti khadijah ni junior sye.. kitorang stu sekolah kt Gemencheh dlu.. tak sangka begitu sekali pengakhiran hidup dia dan keluarga dia…

    Kullun nafsun zaaikatula maut…

  2. Salaam Dayah,
    K nell sgt busy dgn kerja tapi ada juga menulis. Cuma sema dlm draft sbb karangan tak habis. Dah siap nanti kita upload. Thx for ur concern dear.

    Sedih sgt terkenang mangsa2 dan keluarga. Tapi itu lah ajal. Sesungguhnya Allah lebih menyayangi mereka. Jgn lupa sedekahkan fatihah kepada mereka. Sekiranya Dayah jumpa keluarga mereka sampaikan ucapan takziah dari K Nell ye.

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