Communication Technology Forewarned

Convention, City Centre – After much tweaking here and there, I have finally succeeded operating WordPress from my cellphone.

I would like to congratulate WordPress for their proactive and creative endeavours in catering the blogwriters’ unending needs.

From my experience of setting up sites with Geocities, Skali, Blogger, Google and Joomla, I have found no other application that is more user friendly and convenient than the amazing WordPress.

Even though its media storage capacity is a little constrained unlike Blogger, there are still other compatible virtual repositories that could be linked or embedded on its hosted blogs such as Photobucket and Youtube.

Technology, Communication and Society

The rapid proliferation of communication and technology advancement has affected various aspects of human lives in recent decades. What intrigues me most is the instrumental role of cyber applications in politics.

When a new means of communication is introduced, it is prone to be utilised as a tool to catalyze a country’s revolution or political change.

This is historically proven from the times of the traditional media such as the newspaper then there is the breaktrough discovery of the radio and television, telecommunication gadgets, computer and now the globally accessed internet.

Cybersphere played a big role in Malaysia’s 12th General Election where voters relied more on blogs or websites rather than the mainstream media to extract ‘real’ information on national politics.

In Iran, the popular web social networking, Facebook was banned to curb contagious updates by dissidents on its local election. The ban did not stop the party activists but had made people to turn to Twitter for instant micro-blogging updates instead.

Each new communication technology accelerates the speed and also transforms the nature of information dissemination in society.

I have read once when Allah asked one of his prophets (I can’t recall who) to convey His message for all people to worship Him, the prophet asked Allah how could he do it because he did not have the means to send out the Divine message to everyone.

The Almighty then advised the prophet to just spread the message and leave the rest to Him. Who could have ever imagined that futuristic human made technology would be able to fulfill this need?

The knowledge of creating modern technology is what Allah has bestowed upon us to spread His words to all parts of the world. Today, the notion of Islam is known to everyone especially since the September 11th tragedy. Terrorism is not an image that any muslim would want to opt to portray Islam as but at least the event had intrigued the non Muslims to try to make sense of the religion and the Muslims to try to clarify that Islam is not a religion of violence.

The internet is the best platform for political, religious and intellectual discourse but if not cautious, one could be derailed by misinformation.

I imagine that in future, the trend of mobile-blogging would be popularised when smart phone prices start to dive and mobile internet access facilities are upgraded with faster and more stable connections. By that time, we would see blogs complete with audios, videos and pictures uploaded by bloggers via cellphones realtime during  events.

If you have heard, during Judgment Day at the Mahsyar Field, our misdoings shall be replayed to the public on a “big screen”. I wonder does this realtime-multimedia reporting is one of the signs of such situation, where sins can not be concealed anymore because everybody can see one’s misbehaviour as it occurs. Privacy is liberalized and humans are victimised (or morally saved) by their own technological creation.


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