Be Human

Bee Hive, City Centre – As I stared at this stagnant site, I thought to myself where is this blog heading to because I have rarely posted anything here for the past two months. When I browsed through my wordpress posts list, there were like 25 unfinished drafts yet to be published.

My preoccupation with other daily commitments has unabled me to update anything mentally stimulating for you people. Mobile blogging is an impossible task with our ridiculously instable local wireless connection except for Twitter’s micro-blogging.

Blogging on this site has given me so many wonderful experiences and not forgetting the dreadful ones.  It has inadvertantly turned into an experimental ground for me to gain a better understanding of the cyberspace and its nature.

Despite of the rare post of articles, my wordpress stats has reported a few high hits for certain writings which are mostly informational subjects such as on Hadhari, Communication and most recently, Political Marketing.

I also get feedbacks telling me that posts narrated in simple English are more preferred by readers.

As compared to personal stories, posts on political issues acquired more hits from visitors.

Some people were pleading me not to just leave this site to wither and die. I as the so-dubbed  “perfectionist”  find that if I can’t narrate anything beneficial to others, I might as well not post anything at all because it would waste any reader’s time.

Then again, being human you can’t be mechanical at all times.  Emotion is an inherent gift and people should make the best out of themselves no matter how inane others may perceive them. It is the personal thought that counts, not other’s perception.

At least, it would be useful for my own introspection in the future. Wallahu a’lam.


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