May Allah Be With You, MJ

AlHamra’, Duta Drive – It is amazing to see how the demise of one being can immensely alter the course of things in this world.

Michael Jackson in Memory
Michael Jackson in Memory

The news of Michael Jackson’s death and its posthumous drama seems to be the next big thing since the post-Iran election violence. Fans are now anxious to know the outcome of this shocking tragedy and as the truth or the farce unfolds over time, those from the outside of the entertainment universe are equally affected by it.

Personally, I felt that as if one phase of my life was over because MJ was an icon of the popular culture that I’ve been familiar with since my tender years.  I do not know how many phases are there left for me but one thing for sure is that the end approaches each of us by the second. I just hope that Allah grants all of us a good ending and not otherwise.

Allahummakhtimlana bi husnil khaatimah, wa la takhtim ‘alaina bi suu’il khaatimah

Michael Jackson An Epitome of The 21st Century

MJ is indisputably an institution of the international music industry. Close friend Madonna admitted that she could not think of anyone who was not inspired by him.

His departure is very much felt by the world not only because our generation grew with his music but he was an antiquity of the 70s till the new millennium. Hence, the loss of a part and parcel of this time and space leaves  us with an irreplaceable lacuna.

Despite the mourning,  the traditional and new media are making money out of anything that pertains to him because ‘Michael Jackson’ is a grand brand name. One can say that MJ is more collosal than Nike, Ferrari or Emporio Armani because he appeals to all walks of life, race or religion. A paper recently stated that Michael was the first person to breach that racial-barriers all over the world, long before Bill Cosby and even the first black American President Barrack Obama.

A Musical Midas

As a person, MJ was  known as being soft spoken and full of love. Those who knew him personally say that he was a man who was generous with hugs, care and expressions of love. I think it is the love that he has within which enabled him to touch the hearts of people through his music and persona.

A gift of this kind is not gained but God-Given. Anyone can be a singer but not everyone can project a perpetual impact on their fans for decades.

It was reported that MJ had converted to Islam last December. Wallahu a’lam but his brother Jermaine did say ” May Allah Be with you, always Michael” during a press conference. This sort of confirms the speculation. Even if it is true, I doubt that the western media would really highlight on the issue.

Godly as Ar-Rahmaan Wa Raheem?

If one were to observe the life and times of Michael Jackson, it would not take him long to see what a special person he was. His peculiar character was due to his rough childhood. However, it was the early suffering he went through that made him realise how important it was to make this world a better place for everyone. Thankfully, he did just that with all the love he had to give. Now THIS is the character of ehsan, another glimpse of Allah’s Ar-rahmaan wa raheem .

Only Allah Knows Better and May He Bless thy soul Mikaeel, always.


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