Uniforms, Paraphernalia and Propaganda

Cakes Boutique, City Centre – The conflict of power between the royalists, military, business elites and rural supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra is at the height of escalation when Abhisit’s car was broken into and his bodyguards attacked by violent red protesters. Policemen and army troops were apprehensive in containing the anarchic situation.

The suave Thai Prime Minister since then has declared ‘war’ against red shirt protesters in Bangkok and nearby provinces. Its state of emergency decree rules that force may be used against those are involved in gatherings of more than five individuals and it also prohibits illegal media reportage.

Uniformity a Propaganda

These days demonstrators have a predilection for wearing uniformed colours of shirts to emphasize its sense of belonging. The Thai protesters wore red  and previously our own local BERSIH rallies bore yellow seas of people.

During the UMNO party elections, supporters sported Hamid Albar masks for its electoral campaigning. Even Altantuya was not let to rest in peace when Pakatan Rakyat protagonists distributed and sold thousands masks of her during the tri-elections.

These group of people bounded by similar causes have effectively made full use of uniformity with the utility of clothes and other paraphernalia. This propaganda methodology was probably inspired by James McTiegue’s “V for Vendetta” where its main character ‘V’ in the end had caused a diaspora of people marching towards revolution in masks and black capes.

Hamid Albar Clone?
Hamid Albar Cloned

Virulence of Uniformity

The effects of uniformity is that it amalgamates a feature of unity, strength and power. Mobsters or supporters are fearless when they know that they belong to a group especially when its numbers are colossal.

Psychologically, uniforms to some extent would alter one’s behaviour into assuming a role-playing in a social context. Judges don robes, students wear school uniform and prisoners wear the ones with numbers on them would act differently than when they put on daily clothes.

Certain appurtenance would incite particular reactions. Perhaps one could compare  reactions towards the gears that are equipped to  policemen or those of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) troops.

It could also conjure certain perception like the Altantuya masks that reminded the voters of its ‘conspiracy theory’ which links the current Prime Minister to her case. This is of course a provocation of angst and distrust.

The prevalence of red dissidents since a few months ago in important cities of Thailand now are having public citizens and tourists scrambling out of town for fear of violence and chaos. Waning public fears of sights of red shirts in open gatherings would take time. Well unless if it is the Chinese New Year Celebrations.


One thought on “Uniforms, Paraphernalia and Propaganda

  1. Salam sejahtera.

    kita rakyat malaysia mesti bersatu padu. Buat apa PAS pun kata nak bertanding. PKR pun nak bertanding.
    Anwar perlu teliti kalau wakil mereka macam budak Fairuz itu lari dari tanggungjawab, siapa yang tanggungjawab? Kan rugi duit dan masa rakyat?
    Fairus dengan angkuh sekarang kata dia tidak bersalah dan akan balik kat politik selepas balik dari melanjutkan pelajaran. Dan PKR setuju dan tepuk tangan!

    Lepas itu, bila orang suruh SPR teliti cadangan kenakan penalti terhadap wakil rakyat yang berhenti tanpa sebab munasabah, geng Pakatan, seperti Lim Kit Siang dan Faris Musa (timblan AMK) kata Dato’ Mukhriz (timbalan menteri MITI) dan Tan Keng Liang (ketua pemuda gerakan kedah) yang keluarkan cadangan penalti terhadap orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab sebagai kenyataan daripada orang “tidak berakal”. Lihat kat:-



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