Najib’s Direction As Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister

Putra Station, City Centre – Finally by God’s Will our country was bequeathed with a new Prime Minister; YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak. Despite all that has been done by the antagonists to hinder his appointment as the number one leader, the historical power transition event took place without any major glitches. Indeed, DS Najib is destined to be the sixth chosen one.

DS Najib’s political journey recently has been horrendous with high profile scandals being linked to him such as the sale of three submarines when he was the Defence Minister involving millions of ringgit and the brutal death of a Mongolian beauty. His wife DS Rosmah was also not spared from the linkage to the homicide case and even personal attacks were mercilessly hurled at her.  Unless the cases are concluded, the truth remains an opaque. One thing for sure is that DS Najib is not a clueless Prime Minister.

Tun Det, Tun Lah and Najib

When one succeeds another in assuming a task or position, he can never evade the limelight of scrutiny and comparison. Of course, Tun Mahathir would be hailed as the first among equals for his outstanding performance in leading Malaysia more than 22 years.

Even though Tun Det had managed to elevate this country to its spectacular development and progression, his semi-authoritarian style of leadership was condoned by democratic criers and bitter Western powers. As for now, Tun Mahathir is the best leader we have ever had but he too was once abhorred by the public and labelled as a ‘ruthless’ Pharaoh.

Each of these three contemporary leaders possess their own marks of value and assets that are significant to governance and development. Tun Det was successful in the physical and capital building of this country on the platform of discipline and order. When Tun Det dishearteningly declared his failure of changing the Malays’ attitude, Tun Lah had attempted to resuscitate the Tawheedic aspect of the progressive Muslims’ way of life through “Islam Hadhari” with expectations of spiritual building hoping to eliminate those negative attitudes. Simultaneously, Tun Lah had been an exemplary father of democracy by not flexing authoritarian mucles in governing as compared to Tun Det.

DS Najib’s style of leadership shall be a hybrid of both approaches where he will be disciplined and liberal in appropriate areas of governance and political party issues. It is an irony that DS Najib takes over a battered ship just like when his father Tun Abdul Razak succeeded Tunku Abdul Rahman by leading the MAGERAN during the state of emergency, right after the bloody 13th May tragedy. Back then Tun Mahathir had outspokenly told Tunku to step down for neglecting the Malays’ economic needs. Funny thing that Mukhriz Mahathir had also told Najib’s predecessor Tun Lah to step down after BN’s poor performance  during the 12th General Election.

Dato’ Sri Najib’s Leadership Persona

DS Najib may not appear as religiously apt as Tun Lah but he is a man who always keeps his cool under any circumstances. He has never been heard to raise his voice despite  in tensed situations or  during constructive arguments among his peers on various issues. With just one serious statement, he is able to silence verbal conflicts and diplomatically come up with a rational decision of resolution. He takes punctuality seriously and does not drag meetings with unnecessary blabbering. Most of all he knows his stuff and he IS a strategic political thinker.

We used to think Tan Sri Rafidah was the brightest of them all among the leaders because she is always keen in throwing out her ideas. Her words are not mere portrayal of being a know-it-all but a true manifestation of her thorough grasp of knowledge in Economics, Politics, Governance, Communication, International Relations and others. There are also other potential candidates as the number one like Tan Sri Muhyiddin, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Dato’ Zambry Abdul Kadir or Datuk Mustapa Mohamad but DS Najib has recently outshine them with cogent speeches, media appearances or interviews and his brave revamps of the UMNO party policies and governmental rule. Even based on the assessments of experience, background and persona DS Najib still tops the list.

His mandate “One Malaysia. People First. Performance Now”  is a smart formulation as a motto. Rather than recasting the word “Change” which has become such a cliché, DS Najib decides to change in a more precise way by aiming to mend our socio-political fissures, prioritising the peoples’ needs and being effectively proactive. My best wishes goes out to YAB Dato’ Sri  Najib, no matter what allegations  may have been put on him. It is from this day onwards, Malaysia pins her hopes on you and may Allah guide you in leading this country to peace and harmony.

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