Bee Hive, City Centre – A text message from my foster mom Aunty Nona had left me smiling despite of the chaotic ambiance. I was told that Shikin had attained straight As for her SPM and Kak Long is bound to turn quasi bankrupt due to her  excellent achievement. The young lady was promised of an Umrah trip if she were to score 8As and it came true though vaguely predicted. As Kak Long calculatingly flips through her account books, the rest were laughing their heads off.

Shikin terkena tempias kamu ler tu…” Aunty Nona claimed. I understood what she meant and in fact to some extent, I’d have to agree with her statement. Shikin had gone through the rough patches of life and yet she has made it a point to build a better life out of those patches.

Her mother is rather unwell and her father as the sole breadwinner  of a 6 member family. Being the eldest, Shikin is responsible for watching over her younger siblings, especially her physically challenged little brother. It is because of this, Shikin has always been determined to join the medical field. With a collection of As like old coins in a scrapbook, God Willing the pathways to her dreams are feasible.

An Inspiration

It feels queer when someone sees us as a source of inspiration or as a role model. What I am today is an outcome of inspirations. Along the way I’ve had different men and women who  have influenced my being in many ways. Even till this moment, I still get inspired by others. Their stories have taught me that the nature of life is unpredictable. Nothing in this life is a guarantee because God’s laws are not like mathematics; a future Prime Minister may be put into jail the next day or perhaps a vagabond may be a King maker the next minute. Only God Knows.


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