A New Lease of Life

Uno Pace, City Centre Hectic. It is the one word that could possibly describe the multipurpose role-playing assumed by myself for the past few months. Soon I shall also be bestowed with another responsibility as engraved in the mysterious Luh Mahfudz, insyaa’allah (God Willing).

The nascence of 2009 has been graced with newborns amongst my friends and cousins. My heartiest congratulations goes out to Nureza, Sabreena, Azimah Shukry, Nur Hafidza, Nurill Mea, Sh Balkis Al-Attas, Izuan Murat, Hal Mahera, Kak Zai and Latifah Omar. Of course the list would be unending if those expecting and ovulating are also included!

The year 2009/ 1430h shall be the pier of embarking a new journey for a lot of us. It is the point of transition in the phases of our lives. Allah has destined the right time for each of these transitions. By His Mercy, the transition is gradual and the process depends on the strength of His Creations. That is why birth, marriage, death and rizq are unquestionable because it is only He who Knows what is the best for us.

Change is an ensconced feature of this mortal realm. Apart of this, it is only Allah who is Subsistent (Baqa’). Besides encountering “changes” on the personal level, organisations are also not spared from similar conditions.

The economic downturn has immensely affected the private sectors with colossal lay offs. Whereas the changing hands of local power is still having the government struggling to set foot on stable grounds. As for politics, the famous German term politikverdrossenheit describes it best. The public citizens are  obviously amused by political quagmires no more.

Till then life moves on, vibrantly.


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