The Human Sculpturesque

The human’s physical, mental and spiritual state of existence is like an earth’s landscape. It may be left abandoned as a wild jungle, cultivated as a fruitful orchard or restructured for urban development.

A person is initially shaped by his growing years. Without conscience, his mental assimilation revolves around his social circle, neighbourhood and educational environment.

After the household experience, the educational institution takes one’s self development to the next level. When a child goes to school, high school and then the university where he attains excellent results upon graduation day, does it guarantee that he shall be successful in life? Unfortunately not. Proof is that some people attain their days of glory in school but not during the later days of their age. There are also university drop outs who apparently become global key players of today like Bill Gates for example.

This is because learning is not only about reading and scoring but it is a matter of thinking and being substantial mentally and spiritually. People learn to think by reading or through the experiences of life; hardship and differences.

Prophet Muhammad when he was embraced by Jibrail and told to read, had previously gone through various trials and tribulations in life since childhood. Hardship makes a person think. It consolidates his conscience of self-existence and sensitivity towards his surroundings. It gives him inspiration and drives him in seek of God. It reminds him of humility and to be kind to others because he knows that he is no different from them who serve the one same God.


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