Emancipating Prisoners of The Past

I was caught by surprise when an old friend had SMSed me requesting for a brief appointment. This friend (F) has not been within my radar for more than 10 years. In his short note, F justified that he needed to clarify a few things with me.

Initially, we broke the ice by catching up with our latest leases of life since the last time we ever talked to each other. Then F moved on with an introduction of a self-help book that he read which consequently moved him to plan for our tête-a-tête resolution meeting. This inspirational book was actually Joe Vitale’s The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want “.

The Career, The Book, The Past

Apparently F had just quit his job and ventured into setting up his own business which requires fervent dilligence and lots of faith in order for him to excel. The relation of his new endeavour, the book and that meeting was simple. He realised that the objective of this move of career was to change his lifestyle and elevate his state of living. Over the years, he face some tribulations in achieving this objective which sort of held him back from savouring the taste of success.

Resentment and Guilts of One’s Past is A Waste

It was through reading had he manage to rectify the mistakes he committed from within. Vitale contended in his book that one of the causes where one fails to move on and set off to the road of success is because of something from within. It could be because of one’s track from the past that has moulded his/her perception of others in an incident or tragedy. It could either be a sense of guilt or resentment. The bottomline is the feeling of one’s uneasiness or unsettled feeling one has towards another creature of God.

I was wondering that probably one’s uneasiness takes away some portion of one’s energy and concentratio may impede the free and focused thoughts in achieving the things wanted in life.

Power of Forgiveness

Thank God that this reminds me the power of forgiving and to seek forgiveness even before this incident. It gives an awakening and vindicates the significance of forgiveness at the back of our minds. I personally believe that by keeping this feeling of resentment or guilt would hinder a person from fully concentrating on accomplishing an aim. Both of these feelings would tire the heart, mind, and soul having our energy wasted.

Some Illustrations

For example, at a race track one thinks of reaching the line at the highest speed to beat his competitors. Throughout the race, he’s probably distracted for worrying if anyone will manage to take over him. It is within this split of seconds that the energy is wasted and the body may slow down due to the division of concentration. However, if the racer sets aside any thoughts except for reaching the red line then a fully focused winner is in the making.

Another example is when a person aims to achieve something out of jealousy or resentment towards another being because of a blast from the past. Actually, such mentality derails that person from the main objective of life as ordained by Allah. Probably if one succeeds on the platform of negativity, it may fulfill his self-satisfaction. However, where does one put God in this picture?

I wonder, would it distort the beauty of pahala and our relationship with Him if we attain this personal victory in such a degenerating manner?

May Allah Guide our souls, Ameen.


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