The Writing Resumes With A Literary Dilemma

Uno Pace, City Centre – Obviously, this site has been abandoned for the past two months but it has yet to be forsaken. My other website project was also put to a halt due to the imminently increasing workload that demanded more than just my time and mental kinesis.

Another hindrance was that I was advised to write in a simpler linguistic schema. My personal advisor claims that a person who indites in a flowery tone only listens to himself but not others. For a minute there, I couldn’t have cared less because I just write whatever I feel and think of.

Then again I reminded myself that I write because I wish to share something with my reader(s). This literary dilemma just puts me off most of the time but to not write, consequently distorts the other significant faculty of my being. As I’ve said before, I find writing cathartic. I’d always compose my thoughts somewhere if not on this blog, it could be another or on a white piece of a journal.

Unfortunately, we can not please everybody but at least it is worth trying than doing nothing about it, no? Anyway, perhaps I’d have try to be more understandable like my last post. The high counts could be either because of my simple language or the Hadhari topic itself. However, if you find my writings rather appalling- pardon me my friends. As they say “To err is human, to forgive divine”. Till then, I shall write on.


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