Man After Marriage

sweet talker

Uno Pace – Amidst the controversial infamous drama of Malaysia’s mathematical prodigy turned social escort Miss Sufiah Yusof, a colleague questioned the preference of today’s young women over elderly and married men.

Apparently, a variant of precedence could be laid out to justify the seemingly odd equation. One of the significant factors of attraction is maturity and confidence. Some purported that marriage indirectly augments a man’s value in the social market.

Marriage is another turning point of a man’s life like puberty and circumcision. The nuptial vows that unites the man with his ‘marrow bone’ sets the man to depart his journey accompanied.

This new phase will sculpture his personality in a new socialization setting along the way. Living with his partner provides him the opportunity of understanding the sophisticated features of the opposite sex like never before.

The man’s companion becomes a training field for honing a myriad of unthinkable skills which subsequently boosts his self esteem and confidence to face the public. Socrates once advised; “By all means marry. If you have a good wife; you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one; you’ll become a philosopher“. Over time he develops the craft of being a gentleman; tolerant, soothe talking and other mesmerizing characteristics.

Still in doubt? Try recalling someone you know and identify how much he has changed throughout the metamorphosis of age and marriage.


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