Wiki Warning!


UM Library – This is a kind monition to students, researchers and scholars in sieving excerpts from Wiki portals for their intellectual masterpieces. Prior to quoting information from this type of sites such as the Wikipedia, it is of utmost importance for us to be aware of its defective consequences.

The core detrimental reason is attributed to their basic principle of contributive freedom in relaying information. Any individual despite of their backgrounds are able to post, edit and update articles in these Wiki web spaces. Hence, the credibility and objectivity of the contents are very much questionable.

For those who possess in-depth literacy on their researched subject may be able to identify discrepancies in the wiki articles. Unfortunately it is not a reliable platform for scholarly newbies to refer academically.

Even for casual readings, it is advised that we should likewise muddle through other recognised sources for the topic searched. Reading the wrong materials may not only lead to misinformation of facts but may also be cognitively derailing.


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