Electing A He-Roe

Bee Hive -It is a partial relief that the UMNO General Assembly will be held by the end of this year. Further postponement would only aggravate brazening conflicts within the party.

This year’s party polls will witness either a change of voting patterns resulting from its members’ changed mindsets or a shackled electing system that shall lead it to its own deathbed. Selection of a credible representative actually begins from the grassroots to the division level which in the end shall determine the higher levels of its leadership. Choosing the wrong leader signifies either ;

1. The people are not well aware of its consequences

2. The people are blinded by a pinch of wealth sprinkled before election

3. There is too much politicking (Candidate proposed is another member of the ruling clique and those against them are eliminated by all means)

This kind of rigid internal political system needs reengineering to produce eligible and potential leaders of this country. With the rise of intellectual candidates from the Opposition, UMNO can’t afford to take any chances to put forward lame heroes to carry its torch of ‘perjuangan’. What are you fighting for anyway? The people or your cronies? Remember, Allah has promised that only those who are fighting for Truth shall be on the winning side and the Truth shall speak on this coming December.


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