The Astounding Film Connoisseur Of All Times

Uno Pace – Throughout my course of life, I realised that I’ve not been much fascinated by Malay movies except for those of P Ramlee’s. Probably it was because of the culture that I’ve assimilated during my growing years.

Anyway, I personally find that soap operas are much better products of the Malaysian arts industry. I am usually enticed to storylines that narrate the realities of life such as Sofea Jane’s “Sebuah Ijtihad” which won her an award as the Best Actress last year. Not to forget mentioning Yasmin Ahmad’s Sepet and Rabun. Those two words are sufficient enough to elucidate the embodiment of her sense of humanity.

All this talk about Malay movies actually struck me when I was watching P Ramlee’s Sumpahan Orang Minyak. I wondered how observant he was assuming the role of an ugly hunchback lad with the talent of an eclectic painter. He knew exactly the body motion, how to speak with his eyes without words and how to react instantaneously. As a human being, it is not easy to enslave your emotional state and alter it in accordance to role playing. Sometimes you can become to engrossed with the character and you even get lost in translation.

I find that P Ramlee truly managed to make the audience to identify the alter ego of the intimidated physically challenged lad, the sensitive yet confident painter and the boastful hunchback who was then transformed into a handsome man.

I have seen a lot of his movies proving that he was a versatile actor and director who excels at comedy and serious genres at par. I wonder where did he learn all those techniques of conveying humanistic messages profoundly.

At that time, there were definitely no recognized arts college like ASWARA. It’d be impossible that he took any Arts and Humanities courses to understand the ways of touching the soft spot in our souls. What a great an arts connoisseur he was. A God given talent match of no other in this era. One thing’s for sure is that if he was alive today, someone should nominate him to be granted the Asian Nobel Prize Award or known as the Magsaysay Award.

Ramli bin Puteh….May Allah Bless his soul forever. Al-Fatihah…..


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