Greater Unexpected Expectations

Uno Pace – Compared to the previous week after the elections, the country seems to be in a more coherent mood since the line up of State and Federal Cabinets have been announced. The Prime Minister’s revelation of his team finally tranquilized the distressful week of certain groups who now finally know what to expect of down the road.




Some praised (though not so much) for the composition and the new faces that the PM has selected. Definitely, there are going to be some complications and challenges for the Ministers to overcome within the span of this 4-5 years. Here I’d like to share some simple analogy of the context:






Firstly, before being able to strategise on pioneering their appointed portfolio, they would have to take time to familiarise on the components and assimilate how does the ministry work. Along the way, they would have experts to advise them and it all depends on their articulate minds to grasp the information at the immediate pace.






As a minister, they are of course accountable to administrating the ministry and simultaneously they are obligated to the people they represent. Besides operating in Putrajaya, they are also required to go back the community centre in their area.




For example, it would demand a great sum of time and energy to fly back to Sarawak at least every two weeks to attend the needy in the villages. Since the posts of Parliamentary Secretaries have been abolished, the ministers would have to be more attentive with their attendance in the Parliament. No more excuses for playing truant because BN is going to have difficulties with the less two-third majority in the institution.






Now that there are 5 coalition governments ruled by the Opposition, the ministers are more pressurized to excel as a team and ascend as dominant leader personalities. The Opposition Government (OG) seems to be determined in revamping their systems to be efficient persistently. The announcement of summons abolishment, elimination of NEP (NDP) with the replacement of MEA, offer of free water for usage of up to 20 cubic metre (which was then retracted for revision) and also the requirement of appointees to declare their assets are some examples of their endeavours in achieving good governance for Malaysia.




The ruling government has to strive ahead of or be at par with the levels set by the OG in brandishing their reformed establishments. It is vital that they carve the system with channels that are highly reactive and interactive with the majority. Failure of civic engagement would be a sure suicidal for BN.




Another challenge is to build a dominant political personality. Eloquence and statesmanship are its fundamental criterias. Being good speakers with substantial ideas are one of the subtle means of attaining dominance. In 1960, this was the cause that JFK had won the 1960 Election Debate against Richard Nixon despite of his young age. I am highlighting this because of the number of elected Oppositions who will counter them in the Parliament. Obviously some of the figures are intellectual and critical beings who tend to be vocal in their debates. It is all up to the BN representatives to hone their skills and ensure that their reasons of proposing bills are relevant and passed for the good of the people.







































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