Stop It

Uno Pace – Since 8th March 2008, there hasn’t been one day passed without having politicians making irritating statements in the media. Actually, these leaders should stop it and focus on what they’re mandated to do. True enough BN has lost disastrously after reigning for more than 50 years but further politicking the changing situation would only cultivate disgust of the publics towards not only BN but also the Opposition.





It is normal for each party trying to highlight that they are more ‘powerful’ and they try to portray in the media that the other faction can never defeat them no matter what their arguments maybe. The media also probably unfairly manipulate the issues for the interest of certain groups. However, endless conflicts would only aggravate everyone’s integrity and the nation’s development. Don’t they realise that the world is watching and laughing at us for our obtuseness? The media circus would only depict how insulting our intelligence maybe.





If they seek for the public’s respect with dignity, it would be better off with statements made that are realistic, beneficial and educational. You don’t say things like abolishing policy plans that don’t exist anymore (at least by name i.e : NEP) nor fulfilling unrealistic objectives without proper planning and proposing the means exactly (i.e : eliminating corruption and nepotism).





Firstly, the NEP timeframe has ended back in 1990 and it was replaced by the NDP (New Development Policy). It has been argued that the NDP did continue some of the traditional policies of the NEP. Nevertheless, it has never hindered further economic wealth of other races. Instead it has weakened the Malays’ self worth and survival by relying on government privileges till this day. By the late 1980s, Tun Mahathir realised that some Malays were ungrateful and internationally incompetent. So he also awarded economic priorities to the economic pioneers of the second largest ethnic society in the country despite being opposed by some UMNO associates. Don’t forget that Malaysia did have efforts to help everyone build up disregard of ethnic groups.





I agree that by granting the Opposition a bigger voice in governance to some extent could alleviate corruption because the government personnels would be more careful in their works and transactions since there are people who will be questioning them for their responsibilities. The defeated and the replacing of leaders would break the chains of corrupted networks and nepotism.




Still, beware! Another group of network maybe would emerge as spring clean corruption free and highly transparent but this whole depends on how effective the ruling opposition can be. I am afraid that this new nexus would not be able to achieve their objective of creating the ideal corruption-nepotism free circle. I wonder by then, who else can the people trust if not the democratic and just Opposition team? We will just see and all we can hope is the best for our nation and people.




As for BN leaders especially from the UMNO faction, we plea that they stop raising cultural enmity and bashing those who criticized Number One. Although the Penang CM mentioned about abolishing NEP (where the policy plan is outdated and you guys blindly countering argument without checking the dates. Thus, being equally blindminded), as rational leaders they should not utilize the issue of race in defending themselves. They must remember that Malaysians have grown more matured and they are more professional in handling conflicting milieus.




Unlike the electoral outcomes of 1969, this time Malaysians remained incredibly calm and peaceful in accepting things. It does not mean that they have forgotten their roots either but it’s just that they knew solutions can be attained in amicable and subtle ways rather than hurling harsh words and fighting with each other. This shows how the Malaysians have evolutionized into a civilized society over the decades.




Another degrading picture is how some fanatics have bashed Mukhriz mercilessly. It seemed as if he has murdered or humiliated a nation in the course of history or something. Compared to Tun, Mukhriz was more considerate by retaining allegiance to the Number One at the face of the public for the sake of the nation. He did not wish to challenge anyone nor cause any haphazard effects by blurting negative statements.




Privately, he had held full responsibility writing a humble yet eloquent letter to the PM expressing fear of UMNO’s fate and suggested him to step down. I personally disagree on his suggestion because at a time like this, the PM should by all means try to bind things together and do some damage control before he even plans to leave. However, I respect Mukhriz for having the courage to do so without fear nor favour. I deem that he is the only one who dares to write such an epistle. That letter was not meant for public reading but some irresponsible freak has leaked it out on the internet thus leading to the endless condemning of Mukhriz.




Please la, stop wasting your energy on attacking EVERYONE that is against your stance. It is best if we take these criticisms or brickbats as case studies. Find out the weaknesses and start planning strategies of improving the situation. If you want war, don’t do it with words but take it out with your mind. Only then Malaysia will be progressing along with time and space.













































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